The new cakesafe.  Check out our new look! Wedding Cake Box | Wedding Cake Delivery | CakeSafe®
  • CakeSafe makes your cake delivery simple, safe & stress free!
  • Airbrush SprayBooth - High performance modular spray booths!
  • Michelle Bommarito (in a white dress!) trusting the Air Brush Booth while being air brushed orange. Only CakeSafe makes a portable spray booth perform this well!
  • Nicholas Lodge and Juli Chapin at the Austin Texas Cake Show promoting our cake transportation system.
  •  Michelle Bommarito excited about the new CakeSafe wedding cake delivery system and testing it first hand.
  • Dominic Palazzolo of "Make your own molds" showing how the Cake delivery box keeps your cake stable & secure even when tipping it.
  • Flying cakes on a commercial airliner? With CakeSafe your cake is clean & secure even as "baggage"! Contact us to learn how to ship a cake.
  • Transporting tiered cakes is no problem. This cake delivery started 1,000 miles away in Rhode Island and arrived safely in Ohio.
  • This van has 4 wedding cakes fully assembled ready for delivery. Cake boxes that enable you to drive safely and securely with layered cakes, tiered cakes, column cakes or any type of cake.
  • Drive your cakes fully assembled directly to your wedding venue. No more assembly on site, saves you time, save you money. Only CakeSafe can provide this much confidence in each cake delivery.

Your Wedding Cake Delivery and Transportation Solution

We'd like to introduce you to a revolutionary new product for the cake industry! CakeSafe® is a unique cake transporter that allows you to deliver your tiered cakes fully assembled!

The Benefits

Transporting cakes by car, truck, even a plane, using the CakeSafe® will:

  • Prevents damage to your cake due to sudden stops, swerves, acceleration, and vibrations.
  • Keeps your cake clean and protected from rain, wind, airborne particles, and insects.
  • Keeps your cake at a stable temperature.
  • Saves you the hassle of using SPS cake system.
  • Piece of mind of being able to see your cake during the entire delivery process.
  • A great selling point for your customers.
  • No more onsite assembly!
  • No more individual packaging boxes for each tier.
  • Virtually eliminates cake delivery day stress!

All CakeSafe products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee!

See how it works...