Artisan Spray Booth


How often do I need to change the 2 internal main filters?

A general guideline would be that if there seems to be an increasing amount of build-up of overspray on the sides of the booth, it’s time to change the filters. The two main non-washable Merv 8 and Merv 13 filters can last up to a year if you’re using your Artisan or Master Airbrush Booth on a daily basis spraying for several hours each day. The Washable Filter can be washed and reused continuously if you’re spraying color. How often you spray greatly affects how often you’ll need to change the filters.

Where do I get the filters?

The filters can be ordered on our website. Filters from a hardware store or other supplier will not be the correct size or type of filter to fit the CakeSafe Airbrush Booths.

A lot of overspray is building up on my top and side panels – why?

It’s time to change your main filters, the Merv 8, Merv 13 as well as the washable pre-filter. Replacement filter kits are available on our website.

I spray with chocolate and/or cocoa butter – can I still use the Spray Booth?

You need the Master Spray Booth. Our Artisan Spray Booth will not work with chocolate or cocoa butter, but we specifically created our Master Spray Booth for those spraying chocolate, cocoa butter, oils, or egg wash. And of course the Master Spray Booth will work well when spraying Airbrush Color and using Petal Dust.  We have many customers who spray cocoa butter for chocolate molds and also cover whole cakes with cocoa butter. The Disposable Pre-Filters are an added feature with the Master Spray Booth, in addition to the much higher powered fan. Click HERE to watch a video of a customer using the Master Spray Booth. 

Are there any materials I shouldn’t use with my Spray Booth?

Yes, the Spray Booth fan is not explosion proof and is not adequate for spraying flammable products. Any medium that is considered NON-flammable is fine to use with the CakeSafe Spray Booth.

How does the modular system work?

The Spray Booth Modular System is designed so that you can start with a single booth system, and increase the size of your booth to accommodate either taller projects or wider projects by simply adding a fan box and the appropriate sides and or top. These additional components are available on our website. Click HERE to watch a video about adding Fan Boxes. 

The voltage in my country isn’t the same as the US – can I still get an Air Brush Spray Booth?

We manufacture the Airbrush Spray Booths with both 110V and 220V fans to accommodate the voltage for your location. Although we always ask international customers which voltage their country uses, it’s useful if you can mention it in your Order Comments.