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Cupcakes and Counting

The story behind Cupcakes and Counting starts in an unexpected place. Jen Rojas and her husband, Jay Vista, are 

We're Coming to a City Near YOU in 2017

2017 Cake Show Schedule

In 2017 the CakeSafe Team will be attending FIVE Cake Shows across the USA. If you've never purchased a CakeSafe product before, this is a great opportunity to see the items in person. You can meet the team who makes each and every product and ask them all your questions.

Annual CakeSafe Winner

Every year we give one CakeSafe to a deserving baker. We get hundreds of entries every year. The entries include stories of true cake transportation disasters, all of which would have been prevented if only a CakeSafe had been used.

How CakeSafe Changed my Life

Written by Deva Williamson of The Lace Cake 

Caption Contest Winners

On October 6, 2016 we announced a Caption This Photo Contest. We sat CakeSafe owner Juli on top of a CakeSafe Transportation Box wearing her yoga clothes and snapped a picture. We also took a short video to show that this was indeed real - no photoshopping here!

The CakeSafe Crumb - September 2016

Rachel Willis is a woman of many talents. She has been a chef for over 25 years in the US and in Europe.

White Buttercake Recipe for a 5 Quart Mixer

1½ pounds unsalted butter-softened   

       (I use ½ shortening and ½ butter)       

2 cups egg whites (slightly warmed)

3 ½ cups milk (warmed)

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The CakeSafe Crumb - March 2016


The Winner of the 2015 CakeSafe Giveaway

This was originally intended to be a tiered cake, but as unstable as it was, and as crooked as it was, I elected to just take an easier road and bring a stand that I had used in a prior we