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2022 CakeSafe Box Giveaway Winner Spring Craig

Spring Craig is the winner of the 2022 Annual CakeSafe Box Giveaway! Our co-owner Juli had the difficult job of selecting a winner.


Advice for bakers starting out

You may know Australian cake designer Eliza Stubbings from her instagram @copperforkcakes where you can delight in gazin




Cake Delivery Pro Tips

If you don't own a CakeSafe yet, be prepared for more time on your hands and less anxiety.


Cake transportation tips

You've probably tried it all when it comes to cake delivery: boxes for individual cake tiers, driving with an assembled cake while holding your breath and going 5mph, or maybe even having someone h


CakeSafe Delivery Box Giveaway Winner 2021

When Teresa Roby-Harris of Buttercup N' Company started driving her cake to a wedding venue in September 2

Building a Thriving Business in a Pandemic

It's time to think outside the box.

2020 CakeSafe Box Giveaway Winner

Every year we give away one CakeSafe transportation box. The 2020 giveaway winner is Erin Castor.

November 2019 Featured Baker

Featured Baker Kristine Mizzoni of Sifted Baking Co.

We enjoyed getting to know Kristine from Sifted Baking Co., and we know you will too!

Cake Delivery

Delivering tiered cakes is hands down, the biggest challenge a baker faces. It’s nerve-wracking, to say the least.