Annual CakeSafe Winner

By cakesafe, Thu, 01/19/2017 - 12:38

Every year we give one CakeSafe to a deserving baker. We get hundreds of entries every year. The entries include stories of true cake transportation disasters, all of which would have been prevented if only a CakeSafe had been used. It's extremely difficult to choose a winner; it took weeks to narrow down the entries. We are very excited to finally tell you that the winner of this year's CakeSafe Giveaway is Chrissy Thomas of Cake Goodness by Chrissy in Cass County, TX. Chrissy makes tiered cakes as well as stunning sculpted cakes. She is currently "still in shock" from hearing the news that she has won. She'll be receiving a Small CakeSafe as well as a Washable Foam Pad to aid in the deliveries of Sculpted Cakes. 

Chrissy's entry to win a CakeSafe was made by her husband, without her knowledge. Read the heartwarming entry below: 



Hi, my name is Tim Thomas, my wife started baking cakes years ago for our oldest son's first birthday, from there her skills grew and slowly people started offering to pay her to make cakes for them and at some point she started hearing "you should have your own business", so after reason I am trying to win her this handy CakeSafe tool!  Several weeks ago she made a beautiful stained glass looking cake for a lady very far away, it was a new style for her to try and she had been given free license to be creative, so she made this round ball that looked like stained glass, I thought it was awesome.much consideration she decided to step out and start a cake business.

She has slowly saved a few dollars here and there, cake after cake, learning new skills all the time and purchasing as many new tools as she could afford.  Her home business has grown steady over the years and I am sure one day she will have her own store front.... But back to the 

She drove safely, made it out our bumpy county roads, down 3 hours of highway to the residence of the customer, turning (gently) into their drive way the ball shaped cake on top came loose and rolled off!
My wife was very upset, but composed herself, went in and explained what had happened, the customer very graciously accepted the cake as it was, placed the ball shaped part from the top that was fairly unscathed by the incident on a glass platter. 
Winning this for my wife would be a great blessing and would help her to grow her business "Cake Goodness by Chrissy".

Thank you for your consideration,

Tim Thomas


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