CakeSafe Live Tutorial on Facebook - Free!

By cakesafe, Fri, 04/29/2016 - 15:14


 Mark your calendars! 

On Wednesday, May 11th at 11am head to the CakeSafe Facebook Page for a Live Tutorial.


Watch Juli:

-Ice a cake tier with Acrylic Disks

-Assemble a tiered cake using Poly Dowels to stabilize 

-Pipe a border

-Put the cake into a CakeSafe and use the center rod

Type all of your questions in the comments when you're watching and she'll answer them live!!


By cakesafe on
Thank you Mildred! If you search on Facebook for "CakeSafe Crusaders", we created a group that supports bakers, inspires them, and is an open forum to ask questions about anything. Warmly, Rachel