Caption Contest Winners

By cakesafe, Thu, 10/13/2016 - 15:51

On October 6, 2016 we announced a Caption This Photo Contest. We sat CakeSafe owner Juli on top of a CakeSafe Transportation Box wearing her yoga clothes and snapped a picture. We also took a short video to show that this was indeed real - no photoshopping here! Then we asked our Facebook Fans to comment on the picture with what they thought was the best caption. A week later all the CakeSafe employees sat down separately to pick their favorite captions. The top three favorites took home gift certificates. 

1st Place, $100 Gift Certificate: "Tranquility and stability, CakeSafe provides both." - Jacqueline White

2nd Place, $50 Gift Certificate: "You'll have peace of mind and no tears from falling tiers! CakeSafe" - Stefanie Marlatt Buckwalter

3rd Place, $25 Gift Certificate: "Peace of mind is a piece of cake with CakeSafe!" - John Ranae Lujan


We received so many witty, funny, and lovely captions that we had to make a blog post with the Honorable Mentions. Below find all of our favorite captions. It sure was hard to choose!


Amelia Dolsey Daily medicaketion mmmmmmust bakeeee

Kristin Taylor "Cake is safe, mind is zen"

Reshma Alexander Enjoy the piece, not pieces 

Billie Brown Stubblefield "Cake safe is my happy place"

Sandy Manley Peace at last with my CakeSafe!

Helen Constantinou Peace of cake with cakesafe

Cassie Howard Unruh Find your inner peace of cake.

Jacquelyn White Stability that provides tranquility

Jeff Weiss Nama-stay-safe

Sandra Frezza "Serenity in Cake Delivery"

Emily Baumgartner The cake safe may cause great peace and relaxation

Amy Marlar Cakesafe is my Zen my happy place

Liz Harper Kraatz Meditating on Magic :)

Jacquelyn White Tranquility and stability, CakeSafe provides both.

Sunny Catlin Cake Safe: The higher level of cake delivery.

John Ranae Lujan Peace of mind is a piece of cake with Cakesafe!

Caroline Grant Cakesafe- carries your cake and your worries away

Pam Stein Moeck Namaste upright

Latoya Thomas Cake safe keeping your cakes safe from you 

Shirley Cromer Take all the time to relax because it ain't going anywhere

Alyssa Jacqueline Cannata Even cake safe works under extreme pressure

Rachel England It's Oooooom-believeable!

Michelle Caron Gunnerson Help your cakes Namaste put!!

Heather Chamberlin I do yoga to relieve stress, just kidding, I use Cake Safe!! 

Bart Kuczewski "Peace of mind is not from removing the stress, it's from finding a way to carry it."

Jessica Ibarra Just like yoga takes the stress out of life, cakesafe takes the stress out of cake delivering.

Niya Apple Piya Worry free cake delivery! Meditate on that...literally!!

Stefanie Marlatt Buckwalter You'll have peace of mind and no tears from falling tiers! CakeSafe

Paetyn CakeLady My mind is at peace when my cake is being delivered in one piece.

Kristin Everleigh McClane Namaste, na·ma·ste, ˈnäməˌstā/
1.) Cake talk for "no mess made"