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2022 CakeSafe Box Giveaway Winner Spring Craig

Spring Craig is the winner of the 2022 Annual CakeSafe Box Giveaway! Our co-owner Juli had the difficult job of selecting a winner.

...and the Winner is...

2018 CakeSafe Transportation Box Giveaway Winner is Jennifer Smith

The winner of the 2018 CakeSafe Giveaway is Jennifer Smith. Her dream is to open her own baking business.

Caption Contest Winners

On October 6, 2016 we announced a Caption This Photo Contest. We sat CakeSafe owner Juli on top of a CakeSafe Transportation Box wearing her yoga clothes and snapped a picture.

The Winner of the 2015 CakeSafe Giveaway

This was originally intended to be a tiered cake, but as unstable as it was, and as croo

The CakeSafe Icing Scrapers

6, 8, 10 inch cake scrapers

CakeSafe is proud to introduce our newest innovation, the CakeSafe Icing Scrapers!