How CakeSafe Changed my Life

By cakesafe, Fri, 12/23/2016 - 10:18
Written by Deva Williamson of Big Laugh Kitchen
Years ago, my husband asked me what I’d like to do with my career. I’ve always been an artist and I’d worked in the food industry waiting tables, working as a cook, catering and coordinating. Naturally I felt drawn to the culinary art. I attended Le Cordon Bleu and looked forward to baking and pastry. Cake design has always been intriguing to me. I got to the class and struggled to make a good batch of Swiss Meringue buttercream but my biggest struggle was icing the cake! I cried and cried, even stayed for extra sessions on the weekend to learn how to ice a cake. For my final, my cake was iced but only my instructor knows what my cake really looked like and I passed with a D. “Maybe cake decorating wasn’t for me,” I thought to myself.

From time to time I’d scroll through the pretty cakes on pinterest that seemed only to be possible in dreams or super artistic talented cake geniuses. Until one day my mother in law came over with a bag of piping tips and told me of the time that she took a decorating class and didn’t do so well. At first I was discouraged that it really seemed that normal people such as myself or my mother in law couldn’t simply ice and decorate a cake but then I was encouraged that maybe, just maybe I could take this chance to do something better than she could (maniacal laugh)! I doubled down and put on my thinking cap, there has got to be a better way I thought. I took a few classes here and there. I was definitely improving, however, being in restaurants and customer service, I How to get smooth icing on cakes.knew time management has a great connection with customer/client satisfaction. I must work smarter. I found Cakesafe. It was almost as if the heavens opened up and a bright light shined down when I found your products. The acrylics, pure genius. Washable to save money, and labeled with size and center guide so they don’t get mixed up and centering the cake is simple to achieve. There were lots of informational and fun videos and pictures on the Facebook and Instagram page to help me if I needed it. Within weeks of using the acrylics I was able to cut my production time down by 65% because cakes could be iced with precision in record time. No need to keep going over imperfections in icing and leveling off flaws that an icing tip or offset spatula would leave behind. I also was able to reduce my material cost because the acrylics eliminated my need for tips and piping bags within the icing process. All I needed was a rubber spatula. I also use my acrylics to make my fondant work smooth. I usually work with buttercream but occasionally with fondant but sharp edges are paramount. Of course I achieve perfect sharp corners with icing with my Cakesafe acrylics but I chose to take it a step further with my fondant work. 
Transportation was absolutely liberating after I purchased my Cakesafe. Not that I drive like a madwoman, but I definitely could if I had to and with my cake being in a Cakesafe, it would be just that, SAFE! Before I had my safe, I used moving boxes and non-slip pads. I couldn’t peek through a moving box to check on my cake while driving and I had to drive in complete silence to listen to my cake. NO MORE!!! I can listen to music when delivering a cake, drive over gravel, you name it. The engineering behind the Cakesafe is nothing short of a masterpiece. The durability, the storability, operation and complete cake security has given me absolute confidence that my cake will get where it needs to be safely. My Cakesafe products are for sure my favorite and most prized cake tools that I own. I would not be where I am in my cake design had I not found Cakesafe. I’ve saved time, money and peace of mind, things that are so important to business owners. My clients are certain that they will receive an impeccable product from me. Cakesafe has also given me the confidence to encourage and educate other bakers.
It seems undeniable that the Cakesafe team had me and other bakers like me in mind when they created their products. Not a single thing was left undone in there customer service, product, delivery and follow up. I recommend that all bakers, no matter experience level. I have lots of goals, hopes and dreams for my own business and for the local cake community groups next year and I have no doubt that they can be achieved thanks to Cakesafe Thank you Cakesafe for being a part of what made 2016 great. I have no doubt that you innovations will make 2017 an even better year for bakers and decorators near and far!