Leah Holman, Winner of the CakeSafe Contest for the second half of 2014

By cakesafe, Fri, 01/16/2015 - 15:18

We received 75 contest entries for the July to December 2014 CakeSafe Contest. We read all of them as they come in and then we re-read them to decide who will WIN! We make a point of selecting different types of bakers/decorators each time so that we hope people at all levels will be encouraged to enter our contest. We love reading your stories even if some of them end tragically;  mostly they're funny and your recoveries, spectactular! I hope you enjoy Leah's story, and appreciate that we all started "somewhere".

I wish you all the best in the new year and happy baking! Juli

Leah's Story

Hi!  I'm Leah Holman and I have a business called Leah Kakes. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school and I started my business in 2012.  I have always loved to bake with my Grandmas and 3 summers ago, I took a cake decorating class at a local craft store and fell in love with cake decorating. My business is primarily made to order kupkakes.  I take special orders and sell at a local farmer's market during the summer. I was hired to bake kupkakes for a bride who's Mom was my second grade teacher and my favorite teacher!  They asked if I could do a simple 2 tiered cake which I agreed to do. I practiced a few days prior with a Thanksgiving cake for my family. 

It turned out awesome and luckily we only had to drive about a mile to my grandparent's home for Thanksgiving.  The wedding was then on Saturday. I baked the cakes on Friday night and decorated them on Saturday. Things went fine, the cake was pretty but our dilemma was how to travel with it for 85 miles to the reception.  My Mom originally suggested I decorate the tiers separately and then assemble the cake at the reception hall, which turns out was a great suggestion!  However, I didn't and so we ended up using a shallow plastic refrigerator drawer (yeah not sure how we came up with that) with rubber shelf liner in the bottom of the drawer.  My Grandma went with us and she held the drawer/box the entire trip. When we stopped for a soda, just 5 miles from the reception hall, we discovered the cake had slid off the cake board and was partially smooshed against the side of the box!  I was upset and trying to figure out in my mind how I would salvage the cake. I had brought with me a huge bag of buttercream frosting for touch ups but this was major!!  My  Mom was freaking out, searching for a local bakery to see if we could get a replacement cake!  Lol!! Once we got to the reception hall, I took a moment for prayer and then went to work. I had to lift the cake back onto the board which caused one side to crack.  But it was still salvageable. Luckily only about 1/3 of the cake needed to be fixed. I ended up filling in the sides of the cake with pretty buttercream swirls and it actually looked better than what it did to start with! I did run out of buttercream and so there was about a 2" section that I couldn't fill in, but luckily the cake table was in a corner so we put that side of the cake to the back.

The only people who saw that were the bride and groom and at that point in the day, they didn't care. The bride was happy and said it tasted great!!  And my kupkakes were a huge hit! My Mom told me as we drove away from the reception hall, maybe I should invest in a Cake Safe if I start selling my tiered cakes!!  I didn't know what a Cake Safe was so she got online and showed me. It would be so awesome to have one!  I don't have a picture of my smooshed cake but I do have a picture of the finished cake on display!!  And a picture of my Thanksgiving cake.  Thank you for your time!  And remember.......Keep Kalm and Eat a Leah Kake!

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