The Margaret Cake Stand by Rita Marie Weddings

By cakesafe, Thu, 12/18/2014 - 11:27

CakeSafe would like to introduce you to Rita Marie Weddings, a company that creats beautiful and versatile custom made wooden cake stands!

Rita Marie Weddings is pleased to offer "The Margaret", a timeless and new exclusive wooden cake stand that is designed to work with a Cake Safe. It comes in 2 seperate pieces. You place the cake on the cake plate containing a large ring in the middle that fits snuggly into the cake safe. Once you transport the cake, you pull out the cake plate with the cake on top, then place it onto the pedestal and lock it into place. The days of using a Cake Safe and only being able to then display your amazing cake directly onto the table are gone! This is a new revolution for bakers and brides, cakes and customers! 

This cake stand is suitable for every cake. It can be used for any cake, not just those being transported in a Cake Safe. This is a revolutionary cake stand design with no screws to use. Simply "lock" the plate onto the pedestal and it is ready for use!

The Margaret is made of solid wood construction, hand turned and painted. It has a ultra high gloss finish for durability. I still recommend a cakeboard or something to protect the surface of the plate. It has a sophisticated and glamorous style, yet it does not detract from the cake. Timeless and sleek, it is the perfect "marriage" for a cake stand and a cake! It will be suitable for multiple uses over and over again for the Cake Safe. Or for personal use, it will be lasting to use everyday in the home, baby showers, bridal showers, parties, and celebrations. 

"The Margaret" Cake Stand is a trademark of Rita Marie Weddings and cannot be duplicated, copied, or reproduced in any way.

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