White Buttercake Recipe for a 5 Quart Mixer

By cakesafe, Tue, 05/03/2016 - 15:05

1½ pounds unsalted butter-softened   

       (I use ½ shortening and ½ butter)       

2 cups egg whites (slightly warmed)

3 ½ cups milk (warmed)

¼ cup vanilla (plus any other extract you want)        



2 pounds and 4oz. cake flour

2 pounds and 4oz. sugar

3 Tablespoons and 2 teaspoons baking powder

1 Tablespoon salt



·         Put softened butter/shortening in mixer and beat till blended.

·         Add room temp. egg whites in 2 to 3 additions and beat till blended.

·         Warm milk and add vanilla to the milk and set aside.

·         Combine all dry ingredients and sift if lumpy, otherwise, no need to sift.

·         Add dry ingred. and milk/vanilla to butter/egg mixture in mixer, and beat on low till blended, (sometimes I pulse the mixer on and off until there’s no chance of the batter overflowing the bowl) then increase to med. and mix for 2 min. or                    when you think it’s well blended.

·         Fill pans no more than ½ full and bake at 350* I have written on my recipe that this serves approx. 60 people, but don’t hold me to it.

Note: If you under beat it, the cakes won’t rise properly and the texture will be coarse.
If you over beat it, the cakes will rise too much in the middle and the crumb will be a little tough and there will be air bubble “tunnels” thru out the cakes. You may know all this, but just in case you didn’t I’m mentioning it.


That’s pretty much it. Good Luck and again, please call if you have any questions.

My cell is: 401-378-8766

Email: info@cakesafe.com

Best regards, Juli Chapin


By cacharles3 on
What size pans did you use? How many cups of batter does this make; approximately. I use Parrish Magic Line 2" pans so they take more than Wilton.

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