The Winner of the 2015 CakeSafe Giveaway

By cakesafe, Wed, 11/18/2015 - 15:05

This was originally intended to be a tiered cake, but as unstable as it was, and as crooked as it was, I elected to just take an easier road and bring a stand that I had used in a prior wedding to disguise the flaws as much as possible. The bride ended up loving the set-up and it ended up being a hit, but you and I both see the true horror of what's all going wrong here. Please use this sparingly and with kindness. LOL!!!

The original story that Lisa submitted here in full. I hope you "enjoy" it as much as we did! Thank goodness for a sense of humor or none of us would survive this business of delivering cakes!

Story: Where do I begin?! I had just begun delivering cakes and knew NOTHING about transporting. On top of that, I didn't have a transport vehicle large enough to carry the 5 tier wedding cake I was about to deliver for a good friend's wedding. Making a LONG story shorter, I agreed against my better judgement to allow my friend's fiancé to take the cakes in the back of his pickup truck (with camper shell) in JUNE in MISSOURI on a warm and EXTREMELY humid day for a 35 minute ride over rural roads to the venue the night before the wedding. (What in the world was I thinking?!) I would follow in my car and check everything at the venue. The reception had a large walk-in were the cakes could be stored and because I was in the wedding party, it was the only way to get the cake there and still have any control over the cake set-up. I'd be able to go to the venue early the next morning and set everything up, and because the walk-in was just slightly above freezing, and I could  still be in control of the entire setup, I knew my all-buttercream cake would be set up properly. (Yes I am a control freak about my cakes...but aren't we all?! LOL) Anyway, with each passing mile I knew the cakes were melting. And with each pothole in the road I could only imagine my perfectly Iced, gorgeously decorated tiers sliding into hopeless deterioration. I could just feel it in my cake making soul. And when we pulled into the venue and opened the first box, my worst fears had been confirmed. And while I had brought a small kit and some extra buttercream icing, no mere "kit" was going to help the horror confirmed with each box opened. One tier, the largest (a 14"), which was also a short tier, was the only tier that was reasonably alright. I counted my blessings that at least I had one cake in tact, AND that the bride was not there to see this disaster! But I was in tears not knowing what to do next. We took each box into the venue and sat them on a table as we waited for the owner of the venue. When he came he took me to the walk-in, and there, away from the groom-to-be, I burst into tears. He asked me what was wrong and I told him the whole story. Then I collected myself and we walked back to the tables. I didn't want the groom to know upset I was, and I didn't want him to think it was something that couldn't be handled. But in reality I had NO IDEA what to do next. The owner recommended we get each box into the walk-in right away, so I followed his lead. Then I told the groom I wanted to look at the venue for set up the next day and he left. The owner and I sat down. It was about 90 minutes until his closing time, and to get the supplies I needed to even begin to fix what I didn't even know was fixable, there would be an hours drive round trip. The owner had mercy on me and told me to go get my supplies and that he'd be there for a while after closing cleaning up and such, so I headed back. By God's grace, I had plenty of spare buttercream on hand, so I grabbed 2 large tubs of buttercream and all of the supplies I could find and I headed back to the venue. The cakes had been in the walk-ins for a little while now and were beginning to set a little. Again, long story short, I took each cake out smallest to largest and began to cut slid tiers and replace and re-ice them, and some I had to trim up as well, but with the mercy of the owner who gave me a key to keep until the next day and the security code to lock up with, I stayed until 4:45am, went home, made coffee, took a shower, got ready, put my gown in the car, went to the bride's house and did her makeup, went to the venue and set up the cake, and made it just in time for pre-wedding pictures. I was running on adrenaline and couldn't even remember what the cake looked like anymore. A little fear set in during the ceremony, but there was nothing more I could do. When we arrived at the venue the cake looked as I had remembered. Not a pretty as it had been when I had originally made it, but the bride was ecstatic, so I was relieved! I'd attach a picture of the photo, however I don't see a place to attach a .pdf. If you'd like a picture, please email me and I'd be happy to send one to you. Thank you for letting me vent my story. Oh, and I've since purchased a minivan for deliveries. NEVER AGAIN!!!! LOL!! HAVE A GREAT DAY! :)