By cakesafe, Thu, 02/04/2021 - 13:10

You've probably tried it all when it comes to cake delivery: boxes for individual cake tiers, driving with an assembled cake while holding your breath and going 5mph, or maybe even having someone hold your cake masterpiece in their lap during the drive. What do all these cake transportation methods have in common? A slam on the brakes will have a disastrous outcome. Many other factors could create a cake fail too. A gravel road, a rainy day, a mountaintop venue, a speed bump, extreme heat - any one of these situations could spell disaster for your cake. However, even if you never experience any of these problems, the stress of the "what ifs" is enough to drive any baker crazy.

Before we look at the easy, and cost effective solution to all your cake delivery woes, let's take a look at a worst case scenario when the disaster happened when the cake wasn't even in a car.

Shirley Wilson of Sugar Paste was a runner up in our annual CakeSafe Giveaway because of this terrible situation. She was carrying the bottom tier to her car and dropped it. Yikes!! Every baker's worst nightmare.

Now let's talk about how to solve all these cake transport problems. The answer is easy! A CakeSafe Box is a baker's best friend.

Shirley's situation above would have been avoided because the CakeSafe offers grip rails so you can securely hold onto the box. You're also able to lean the CakeSafe onto your torso to take weight off your arms/hands. Yes, the magic of the CakeSafe protects your cake from tipping damage. We have also heard from customers whose CakeSafes have flipped or fell, and the cakes remained intact. One baker had her child push her CakeSafe off of the counter in her kitchen. She wrote to us to tell us she cried tears of joy because her cake was fine! Another baker, La'Meeka Edwards, narrowly avoided a car accident while driving her five tier cake to the venue. She had to slam the brakes so hard that her CakeSafe Box actually flipped over. The only damage was a slight indent in the fondant on top of the cake, as pictured. La'Meeka called us, also crying (happy) tears.


The CakeSafe is made in Peace Dale, Rhode Island, USA. We make each one ourselves, utilizing skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality materials available. The CakeSafe is insulated to keep your cake cold and features a center rod to keep your cake stable and protected from slammed brakes, tipping and more. The center rod simply replaces a center dowel, so you don't need to alter your cake assembly technique besides leaving out your center dowel. Head to our VIDEOS page to see a large selection of videos showing how to use the CakeSafe. 

We make 11 different sized CakeSafes. They are a necessary investment for your business, similar to the need for a Kitchenaid Mixer. The CakeSafe will not only save you stress, but over time it will save you money! A CakeSafe Box is cost effective when compared to cardboard boxes that offer little-to-no protection for your cakes. Take a gander at this chart below:

We look forward to eliminating all cake transportation stress from your life. Take a look at our testimonials so you can see how the CakeSafe Box has literally changed our customers' lives.

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