December 19, 2021

"For certain, it was NOT cheap, but my CakeSafe Box is, hands down, the BEST investment I have ever made in my 56 years in business!!!

I live in the mountains of southern Oregon, and delivering cakes in all kinds of weather, over all types of terrain made me a serious candidate for a heart attack or total meltdown before I got my CakeSafe. 

I have driven cakes as far as Seattle snd San Francisco without a moment of stress. I have also taken my CakeSafe in my luggage to Alaska, Pennsylvania and Europe because I cannot imagine being without the added “comfort zone” it gives me for transport and deliveries.

Now… I can assemble and decorate my cakes right in my kitchen, and not have to worry about doing it in an unfamiliar environment, where I may, or may not, find the things I need.

In my opinion, a CakeSafe is as essential to my business as good baking pans, decorating tips, frosting bags or a killer frosting recipe. Oh, and maybe an adult beverage when the cake has been safely delivered!!!

Bunny Lincoln
Cottontail Cakes & Catering
Ashland OR"

How to deliver an assembled tiered cake