Cupcakes and Counting

By cakesafe, Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:50
The story behind Cupcakes and Counting starts in an unexpected place. Jen Rojas and her husband, Jay Vista, are 
originally from the Philippines and now live in Ireland. When Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the beautiful city of 

Tacloban in the Philippines in 2013, they knew they had to do something to help.  Jen and Jay decided to raise funds for the people left with no power, food, clean water, or shelter by selling cupcakes. They were able to raise a significant amount of money for those in need. After the fundraising was over, the orders for cupcakes still kept coming in. Cupcakes and Counting was born. Jen now makes cupcakes, celebration cakes, and the most beautiful wedding cakes you’ve ever laid eyes on. Her most popular flavors are Royal Red Velvet, Salted Carmelita, Lucious Lemon, and her very own creation, Genuinely Guinness. When asked if Jen has a personal favorite flavor, she simply can’t choose - she loves them all.

Currently, Jen and Jay live in Dublin, Ireland with their two daughters where Jen is a superhero of sorts. She works as a surgical theatre nurse 4 days a week, providing skilled care throughout all phases of a patient’s operation. Jen works from 8am to 6pm and if she has wedding cake orders she’ll come home and automatically start making sugar flowers. Her baking normally happens at night as well. She says “I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it. I get tired from my nursing work, but whenever I get home and sit in my little studio, it seems like a fresh start again. I am very passionate about my cakes, I get so motivated as I know I’ll be creating something very special.”


Inspiration for Jen’s gorgeous cakes comes from many places. She has a deep affection for pretty flowers and foliage. She also draws inspiration from the venue, the bridal dress, and the couples themselves. During consultations Jen’s favorite part is when the couples share their love story – how they met, what they like about each other, and how they got engaged.


Jen began using a CakeSafe to deliver her cakes to venues in September of 2016. She says “to put it simply, I should have discovered CakeSafe ages ago! I love my CakeSafe and I don’t think I’d deliver my wedding cakes any other way! The uneven roads, reckless drivers, and other undesirable elements here in the Emerald Isle make it very difficult and treacherous to deliver delicate tiered cakes. CakeSafe basically leveled the playing field for me. It’s a brilliant and life-saving invention!”.



Jen and Jay are so grateful for their successes with Cupcakes and Counting. They are thankful to their family and friends who supported them from the beginning. They also want to thank their clients in Ireland and abroad, who they now consider friends, as well as their online followers.“Because of you guys, we become more inspired to continue with our passion.”.


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