...and the Winner is...

By cakesafe, Mon, 03/12/2018 - 14:01

The winner of the 2018 CakeSafe Giveaway is Jennifer Smith. Her dream is to open her own baking business. We chose Jennifer to win to help her on her way to accomplishing this dream. Owning a CakeSafe transportation box allows you to take orders for larger cakes since there is no fear of delivery. It also allows you to take orders for venues farther away since the CakeSafe's insulated walls will keep your cake cool for hours. Read our interview with Jennifer below, to learn more about her.


2018 CakeSafe Giveaway Winner Jennifer Smith

1. You're a self taught baker... how did your love of baking start? How long have you been baking?

    I started to become interested in baking about 18 yrs ago. I was fascinated by not just making cake but everything from meringue, to pastries and the process that goes into making baked goods. Around that time I started working at a little bakery outside of Chicago. I loved watching the girls work their magic on birthday cakes and wedding cakes. I worked on sugar cookies, decorating them with royal icing. I guess I was the "cookie girl" at the time! I will always have great memories of that place! I am a cake designer for a boutique hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I also teach basic and advanced cake decorating and wedding cake class. I LOVE everything cake - which I'm sure you have heard before! I never went to baking school or anything like that; I actually have a bachelors degree in fine art/graphic design.

2. Do you anticipate that owning a CakeSafe will help you in your goal of starting your own business? 
      I really believe it is a sign for things to come and I'm excited!!
3. What are your personal favorite cake/icing flavors? 
     My personal favorite cake is carrot - I have a weakness for it - as well as Black Forest. I really love French Buttercream (even though it cake be tricky to make!!) We made a passionfruit French buttercream and it was out of this world!! I also love Champagne Swiss, lemon Swiss and Strawberry Swiss. I would like to experiment with an apple CakeSafe Giveaway Entry Photo for Jennifer Smithspice Swiss, paired with a vanilla bean sponge.Yum!!
4. What's it like being married to a fellow pasty chef / baking instructor? Do you collaborate much?
     My husband is definitely my mentor - if I've hit a brick wall with a design or a problem with a cake he is my go to person. He's actually the "go to" person at work too!! LOL! We don't bake at home that much except for holidays and that's when we really like to have fun. He also is a big help to me when it come to teaching classes and helping me decided to what is working and what is not.
   5. Anything else you'd like to mention?
    I'm currently working on a cake to submit to the American Cake Decorating Magazine. The cake will be voted on and the winner will be featured on the cover of the magazine. I have my fingers crossed!!!
Each year we give away a Small CakeSafe and the winner has the opportunity to upgrade to larger size. Jennifer chose the Medium/Tall CakeSafe. To enter to win a CakeSafe in next year's Giveaway Click Here.