Icing with Acrylic Disks - Your Way!

By cakesafe, Thu, 10/25/2018 - 14:46

It's safe to say that CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks have a cult-like following. They make it easy to get smooth and sharp icing, and the process will satisfy even OCD personalities. We've noticed that our customers tend to customize the process so it works the best for them. Watch the video below to see how we do it, then scroll down on this page to read some common variations that our customers use.




  • The cake is chilled before the disks are removed. 
    • Pro Tip: Make sure you chill your layered and filled tier before icing. Refrigerate it overnight, or as long as possible. If you're not chilling before icing, be sure to purchase our Acrylic Disks with a center hole so you can insert a temporary center dowel to stabilize the cake as you ice. 
  • Parchment is not used. Instead, the cake is chilled and a knife is heated using hot water and slid under the top disk as the turntable is rotated.
  • The upside-down method is used in order for a cake drum to be glued to the cake board. 
  • The bottom disk is left on as an aesthetic detail.
  • A crumbcoat is added before icing with the disk. 
    • Pro Tip: If you're using Swiss Merinuge Buttercream (like we do!) it's recommended not to do a crumb coat. Condensation will appear on your crumbcoat after refrigerating and could cause the outer layer of your icing to sag.



Check out the hashtag #teamacrylics on Instagram to see how many of our customers use the disks. You can also look on YouTube for different Acrylic Disk Tutorials.


Title photo by buttercream_buttercream.