April 4, 2019

Testimonial Feature: 
best way to deliver a wedding cake

"This cake traveled 700miles from Atlanta to Miami last weekend!! It was a stress free trip from start to finish. My fellow cake artists know how stressful delivering a tiered cake can be, but Nooo, this trip was a breeze. All 700miles, because of my CakeSafe. No way I would have even considered making this trip without my CakeSafe box to keep it safe and well insulated. If you make and transport tiered cakes, it’s a must have!! I highly recommend this miracle box! The cake was boxed up at 4:30am Thursday morning in Atlanta and unboxed at 5:30pm Saturday in Miami in perfect condition. It looked great and tasted real good. I’m so looking forward to all my stress free cake deliveries in the coming months. Can you tell how excited I am about my most priced possession? I see a second CakeSafe box in my very near future."

- Julie Miller Cake Design

Best way to deliver a wedding cake