Tips to survive wedding cake season

By cakesafe, Fri, 05/03/2019 - 12:09

It's that time again - the busy season. It's the season of no sleep and ALL the coffee. We want you to not just "make it through" this season, but to do it with energy, clarity, and ease -and- without stress, coffee jitters, and meltdowns. We talked to a few of our customers and got their tips for a pain-free busy season.


Lots of water and blueberry coconut smoothies. I can drink anyone under the table when it comes to coffee, anywhere from 4-8 cups a day for me, but when I get jittery, I switch to blueberry coconut smoothie. I was surprised how much more energy I got from that than I did from coffee! In addition, getting an early start to the day has helped with my productivity and endurance. I make a list the night before, gather all tools/supplies, whatnots and hit the sack. My day starts at 4am and maybe I'll sneak in a power nap if I have to run a million errands.

Planning ahead is super important to productivity so I prefer to get a notebook that is in my favorite color (pink) so I keep up with it better. I always start with my most daunting task to get it over with and avoid procrastination. Typically that is scaling ingredients for me. Then I add 3 more tasks to the list, only one of them big, to build endurance and avoid burnout or distractions. Cleaning as I go is a must to avoid overwhelm later as my day gets busy with children. Never forget to stop for lunch! I prefer to eat vegetarian throughout the day to avoid getting lazy. For an energy boost, I squeeze in snacks like rice cakes and hummus and have a big salad with lean meat and fruit for dinner.

This has really helped me keep good pace during the day!

- Deva Williamson, Big Laugh Kitchen


I should’ve named my business Zombie Cakes since I feel like a zombie most Friday nights/Saturday mornings. I drink lots of water through the night and listen to upbeat music on Pandora to stay awake. When I was pregnant, I had to take pre-decorating power naps.

- Tara Creech


Little refresher moments through the day. 10 minutes of no phone, no computer. Just a favorite beverage and a seat outside to enjoy Spring.

- Laura Ferdinandy Talbot, Ms. Laura's Cakes


Drink a lot of water! For healthy reasons, but also your body will tell you to take a break and go to the bathroom.

- Anna Astashkina, Astashkina Cakes


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I believe you have some of the most unusual, and actually most needed, cake decorating supplies in the cake baking industry. Keep up the good work.

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I can't even remember how many years ago it was that Scott sent me an email. I'd never heard of him and don't know how he got me email but it was the email that I had only dreamed of. I opened it. and saw the video of how the cakesafe works. I clicked buy now. I now have 6.5 safes and I would fight anyone who tried to take them from me. You want to know how I reduce stress in Wedding Season. Its cakesafe. I can be in and out in 15 min. where before it took an average of 45 min to build a cake on site. (I was never brave enough to deliver a stacked cake with hopes and dreams of a single wood dowel holding everything in place) I've had to quick break many times and even been run off the highway durring rush hour traffice. with out the cakesafes my cakes and brides expectations would have been crushed. Cakesafe is my stress free remedy .

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This comment just made our day! You have us giggling away. Thank you so much. We're so happy that Scott stalked out your email address and sent you that video!

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Such great products. I have 2 cake safes and they have saved my life on multiple deliveries. Going to rural parts of GA or making my way through Atlanta traffic is stressful enough. Knowing the cake in the back can survive dirt roads and bumper to bumper traffic makes that part of deliveries a breeze!!!

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That's wonderful! I'm so happy. I love GA, but I'm so happy you've got your CakeSafes for those bumpy roads and traffic.

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The quality of your products is unparalleled. The motors on airbrush and downdraft boxes are workhorses, and the design effectively catches dusts and color like nothing else I have seen. Thank you for keeping me healthy and my work area clean!

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I love listening to 'Enia Radio/2Cellos in Pandora' it put my soul and mind at ease and I just flow through all the stages of the the cake business. I might have to change the tune to 'latin upbeat music' and stop to dance with hubby and/or son to get some high energy level going. Happy 10th Anniversary Juli & Scott, love seing you in Miami every year and in Orlando when you come. My Cake Safe and my discs are my most precious cake posession.

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Great tips! Music makes such a difference. I agree, you've got to switch it up to keep trucking through! Thank you very much!!

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I’m still fairly new to the cake baking world, but am stunned by what you offer. I read nothing but positive reviews and will definitely need to invest in your products. Cake safe is next on my list for sure! The piece of mind that a cake will make it in one piece is worth every penny! Currently during wedding or graduation time I focus on keeping a clear mind, be positive, and stay calm! It gets stressful, but a smile on the clients face makes it all worth it!!

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I love your products. They are useful and better than any I’ve tried! Someday I’ll get a safe... it’s on my wishlist for sure

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That's great to hear! Thank you very much! Let us know if you have any questions about the CakeSafe. :)