Sustainability Initiatives

  • We upcycle our scrap material into new products and prototypes. 
  • Scrap pieces that cannot be made into new products are recycled by a local, specialty recycling collection company. 
  • Many of our products are reusable alternatives to tools on the market. For example, our Acrylic Disks replace disposable cardboard rounds for obtaining smooth icing. And our CakeSafe Transport Boxes replace disposable boxes.
  • We eliminated styrofoam from our packaging. It has been replaced with recyclable & biodegradable cardboard. We also reuse the packaging from incoming material orders and packages.

  • We purchase TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes to recycle our typcially non recyclable office & shipping waste (ex: shiny paper left behind after removing shipping label stickers).
  • We have converted our headquarter's kitchen and bathroom soaps to organic and biodegradable options that are refilled at our local bulk store. We also converted to biodegradable, plant based sponges for dish washing.
  • We use desiccant in some of our machinery. Instead of throwing it away after use, we dry it out and reuse it. 


We are constantly striving to lessen our footprint on the earth as well as make steps to benefit the environment.