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Delivering tiered cakes is hands down, the biggest challenge a baker faces. It’s nerve-wracking, to say the least. Some bakers have even stopped baking tiered cakes because of the stress involved with delivery. If a squirrel jumps out in front of you, or somebody cuts you off, it could mean the worst for you cake. If you deliver a damaged cake, or if the cake is ruined, you have the possibility of being sued by the client for not providing the service agreed upon. To sum it up, cake transportation stinks!


One semi-safe way to deliver a cake is to put each separate tier in its own cardboard box, drive to the venue, take each box inside one by one, stack the tiers on the display table, then pipe your design. This method works, but not well. It takes a lot of time, limits the design you can create, and puts you in an uncomfortable spotlight at the venue. The venue staff will be staring over your shoulder as you stack and pipe designs on your cake. Performance anxiety is a real thing! You’ll also be creating a lot of waste by using disposable boxes, and if you have to slam the brakes you still might end up with a damaged cake.


The easiest, safest, and yes, even most cost effective way to deliver cakes to venues is to use a CakeSafe. The CakeSafe is a box that keeps your cakes cool as well as protected from bumps, slammed brakes, weather, and it’s even tip-proof! It was invented in 1989 by Scott Chapin for his wife Juli, a professional baker. It stayed their secret for 20 years, until Scott and Juli founded the business named after their first product, CakeSafe, LLC. The CakeSafe box has now become known as the only way to deliver a cake without stress. It’s used by bakers around the globe and protects cakes in situations like: riding in a gondola to the top of a mountain, road tripping to a venue 2 hours to 2 days away, being ferried to an island, riding in a snowcat, and even being checked as baggage on an airplane. The CakeSafe box is popular in the hottest regions of the world since it keeps cakes cool for hours. The CakeSafe box is an investment, but when compared to the cost of carboard boxes, it still comes out on top.

The CakeSafe box is made in the USA using high quality materials. Cakes are assembled as usual, but with the center dowel left out. The CakeSafe's center rod becomes your center dowel. It's sharp and cuts its own hole in the cardboard you have between your tiers.

Recently CakeSafe customers were polled about their longest deliveries. They ranged from 4 hours to 3 days and 2 airplane rides, and no damaged occurred to their cakes. Scott and Juli take active roles in the business. Scott invents several new products for the baking industry every year. Juli films tutorials and handles customer service inquiries. To see how the CakeSafe box works click here for a video. And for an entire playlist of CakeSafe videos, including how to transport an upside down chandelier cake in a CakeSafe, click here!

If you have questions about any CakeSafe brand product, our customer service team is happy to help. We typically reply within 1 business day (or less!). You can call/text 401-378-8766 or email

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