Our Story


CakeSafe® is a family owned and operated business in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. Owners Juli and Scott met in 1983 when Juli moved to RI to attend Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute. They discovered a shared love for Rhode Island, life on the water, and along the way, a passion for using their talents to create. Juli opened a successful wedding cake business in 1986 and in the early stages she realized that moving a large wedding cake can be extremely stressful! Scott came up with the idea for the original CakeSafe and built the first one in 1989. They are still using CakeSafes to move all the cakes Juli makes for shows all over the country. Since Juli began using CakeSafes she has not had a single damaged cake due to transport.

Juli & Scott first marketed the CakeSafe in 2009, and the experiences they've had with the community and customers is definitely a big part of the CakeSafe story now. They've had an overwhelmingly positive response from the baking and decorating industry, far surpassing anything they could have imagined! The CakeSafe is now sold all over the world, and they have come up with several more inventive ways to improve the lives and working environments of bakers and decorators everywhere.

Thank you to all of the CakeSafe customers for your support. CakeSafe's success is measured by our customers' success.


A Note from Scott and Juli

We just want to say a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful employees, without whom we would never be able to grow and provide the kind of products and service our customers have come to enjoy and expect from our little company! The prior knowledge and experience each of them has brought  to CakeSafe has helped make us what we are. Each and every one shows up everyday with a willingness and a commitment to make us and our customers as successful as possible. We are truly blessed to have this team working with us! We also have a really good time together and without laughter, hard work is just... well... hard! Thank you Rachel, Marissa, Grey, Patrick, Tate, Dani, and Sean!! 


  • Miles traveled with cakes in CakeSafes since we started CakeSafe LLC in 2009: 42,759 (12,803 driving & 29,956 flying!)
  • To make all the COOL stuff we sell, Scott has written over 3 million lines of computer code. It takes 1,326,687 lines of code to manufacture all the products on our website to make your baking and decorating life easier.
  • During the 28 years Juli had her baking business The Grand Finale, she has cranked out 1,500 wedding cakes, all which were moved in CakeSafe Boxes.
  • Juli did have one cake-tastrophy - She removed a three tiered wedding cake from the CakeSafe and tripped on the front steps of the venue, promptly dumping the whole cake at the entrance to the Country Club. Note to self: NEVER remove the cake from the CakeSafe until you are INSIDE the venue near the cake table!
  • Scott and Juli renovated two houses, three boats, and built our own home where they raised three great kids (especially now that they’re older and out of the house!), and numerous cats, dogs, and small animals.
  • Speaking of boats, they hope to sail around the world someday - and their passion for CakeSafe and the amazing customers are getting them a little closer to that dream – so, many Thanks!!