Artisan Spray Booth Annual Giveaway

Win a Free Artisan Spray Booth!

Spray Booths are one of the most necessary, yet underestimated needs in a bakery/kitchen. If you spray airbrush color or use petal dust, overspray is created and fine particulates are released into the air. Airbrush color and petal dust may be safe to eat, but they should not be inhaled. Overspray also creates a MESS in the kitchen. CakeSafe's Spray Booths eliminate virtually all overspray so there is no need for extensive cleanup, saving you or your employees precious time. Our Spray Booths are made from the highest quality materials; they're modular, compact for easy transport, and do not require external venting. Overspray is drawn into the fan box and clean air is expelled out the back. Simply plug your Spray Booth in, flip the "on" switch, and start spraying.

How do I enter?

Fill out the form below and tell us why you need our Artisan Spray Booth. We will choose the best/most compelling entry every January from the previous 12 months of entries. We LOVE detailed stories and photos. Do you live in a cloud of airbrush color? Show us, and tell us why you need a CakeSafe Artisan Spray Booth in your kitchen. Please note that by submitting your entry, you agree that we may publicly post your story and pictures on our social media. **Do not use emojis in your entry. They will cause an error and your entry will not be submitted. 

The winner will receive one Artisan Spray Booth - Basic or the funds, in the form of a promotional code, to be put toward a different model on *Winners are chosen from USA only*