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July 18, 2022

Driving a cake on gravel roads

"I’m a proud owner of three CakeSafes of different sizes. I love the product. It takes the stress out of delivery! I run my bakery in Texas where half of the year we deal with heat. Delivering cakes on gravel roads is not for the faint of heart. CakeSafe makes it easy for me to deliver without worry about the cake. It also saves me money on packaging as well as my precious time during set up at the venue. The CakeSafe also makes a perfect topic of conversation at the venue - my clients are so impressed with the technology. Even more than with the cake itself."

- Ksenia Bitter

Driving a cake on gravel roads


July 11, 2022

vegan cakesafe transport

"Easy peesy wedding set up! I still can’t believe I used to deliver for 19 years without the CakeSafe… it’s a game changer! I’m a gluten free and vegan chef and those cakes are difficult when stacked because you have to constantly create structure to avoid disaster. I used to have a panic attack at nearly every wedding. Now I’m so relaxed on the big day and get to focus on placing florals and taking pretty pictures."

- Anya, Boho Buttercream

gluten free cakesafe transport

July 5, 2022

Best Baking tools for a new business

"I will NEVER deliver another tiered cake WITHOUT a CAKESAFE!!! Absolute GAME CHANGER! Best investment I have made in my business! CakeSafe = STRESS FREE CAKE DELIVERY!"

- Tammy Cochrane

Baking tools for a new business

June 30, 2022

CakeSafe reviews

"Hi! I just used my CakeSafe Box for the first time today on my first wedding cake and it really gave me peace of mind!! I was very nervous about delivering my first cake an hour away but it was really easy and very secure! I'm grateful and the cake looks great. Looking forward to many more wedding cake deliveries! Thank you. The packaging, the instructions, everything was perfect! 

I communicated with a very helpful employee and they were amazing in helping me find the perfect size and answering all of my questions. That person was amazing. I wanted to thank them because I do feel that their advice was also essential to my success!"

- Krysti, Sweet Cecelias

CakeSafe customer service Rating


June 14, 2022

The best product ever for bakers

"Perfect stress free delivery with my CakeSafe Box! I got to the venue and delivered my cake no issues at all!! Just patched the hole and smoothed it with my Tiny Tool!! And it’s like the hole was never there! Thank you for creating the best product ever out there for bakers."

- Brendelyn Lora

The best product ever for bakers

June 9, 2022

How to pack a cake for delivery

"There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe my experience using this miracle invention! It was a seamless set up, execution, and delivery! While plunging the center dowel through the three tiers and cake board was terrifying; it was also easy and highly effective! I was sure to remember to take all the components back with me as you clearly recommended! Thank you so much!"

- Michelle Hillman

How to pack a cake for delivery

May 31, 2022

Best cake boxes

"So, the truth is that at first I might have been a little skeptical about this product. I have seen others use this product, and I followed CakeSafe on social media for a while before I finally made the decision to buy the Itsy Bitsy CakeSafe Box. I live in Arkansas and the heat used to melt my little cakes all the time, not to mention how much I struggled with transportation every time. Let me tell you, I am not a professional baker but I enjoy making cakes for my clients' tasting experiences. My cakes are not for sale so that gives me some grace when the cakes are not perfect, but when I used my CakeSafe Box recently I could not believe it! Cake transportation was so much easier and the cake did not melt or sweat during the 40 minute drive in the heat. If you are on the fence like I was, let me tell you this is a game changer. I love my CakeSafe!"

Karla, Carmelita Catering Co.

Best cake boxes

May 15, 2022

how to deliver a cake up a mountain

"I live in rural North Carolina, I had to deliver this cake today 1 hr away. While on the interstate my tire blew out and I had to pull over on the side of the interstate and get the CakeSafe Box out of my trunk so my husband could change the tire. We got everything changed & back on the road & the cake made it up the mountain perfectly safe!"

- Cheryl, Schuller's Sweets

how to deliver a cake up a mountain

North Carolina

May 5, 2022

Cake transport bumpy roads

"I transported this cake in a CakeSafe 3.5 hours away from my home. The first and last 20 minutes were on bumpy dirt roads. I'm SO thankful for equipment that makes my job easier! THANK YOU CAKESAFE!"

- Heather G., HG Cake Design

Cake transport bumpy roads


April 29, 2022

"I used my CakeSafe Box for the first time this past weekend. Three tiers in a Mini/Tall CakeSafe. There were gravel roads for the last 20 minutes of the 90 minute total trip. The cake looked just as perfect as when it went into the box. I love my CakeSafe!"

- Rachael Brown-Pierson

Cake delivery in high heat


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