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March 15, 2019

Worry-free cake delivery

"How did I deliver this beautiful 3-tier wedding cake to the venue safely? As always, I use a CakeSafe! It's been worth the investment for me for the past few years for a worry-free delivery of multi-tiered cakes! So brides, bring on those wedding cakes! I got you!"

 - Joy, MMC Bakes

Worry-free cake delivery

Chula Vista

March 10, 2019

Tips for driving with a cake.

"The star of the show might have been my new CakeSafe. This cake traveled for about THREE hours in the car, in traffic, on bumpy dirt roads, and did I mention lots of traffic? Thank you CakeSafe for this amazing invention and giving me a little peace of mind while delivering. It seriously put my mind at ease during that looooong ride."

- Lauren Borits

Tips for driving with a cake.

March 3, 2019

The easiest way to transport a cake.

"I just used my CakeSafe for the first time yesterday... it couldn’t have been easier! Also, I feel that my cake looked cleaner and neater since I’m always in a rush to stack cleanly at the venue, and yesterday I didn’t have to rush!"

- Cakes by Blythe, LLC

The easiest way to transport a cake.


March 2, 2019

"I love my cakesafe. Living in NYC with potholes that are huge and drivers feeling like we are the bobble heads, the cakesafe gives me peace of mind, knowing there is nothing that can ruin my cake. Not only that, but when I walk into a venue, everyone talks about my cake box. They are impressed."

- Sistaz Cakes

Potholes and cake transport.

New York
New York


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