CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to find dowel placement in cakes

    "Dear CakeSafe,

    Thank you for making the Tier Ruler. I used it a few days after my purchase and I couldn't stop staring and admiring how centered my top tier was and how even the space was on top of my first tier; not to mention it made for a rather quick placement of my dowels. This cake utilized the CakeSafe Acrylic Disks, the Tier Ruler, and of course the Itsy Bitsy transportation box. And oh, the Floating Cake Base, too!

    Keep rocking, CakeSafe!"

    - Lorraine Jones Creative House

  • The best cupcake carrier that is reusable

    "So grateful for the CakeSafe and I got to try the CupCakeSafe last night. My hubby said he sees another safe in my future!!"

    - Laura S. 

  • Reusable cake box reviews

    "My first ever wedding and first time using my CakeSafe. This definitely kept my delivery anxiety at an all time low. Thank you CakeSafe it was easier than I thought!!"

    - Maria B.

  • how to center a cake tier

    "Omg! The Tier Ruler! I have depth perception issues. I have adapted. But I just want to say the Tier Ruler helps so very much! I couldn’t believe how much time I saved doweling my cakes. It is an amazing tool for cake building! Thank you so much!"

    - Sharon, The Tenacious Tart

  • More CakeSafe Boxes make cake delivery easier

    "Loaded and ready for deliveries! 3 cake safes is all we can fit in the car today!! Wouldn’t leave the house without it!"

    - Mary Virginia Cakes

  • how to move a large tiered cake

    "Another wedding, another safe delivery! This one had a small story. Crazy traffic + fast turning light + slammed brake = sliding cake. My friend and I looked back and was like 'please be safe'. We got out and all was fine! Finished our 3 hour delivery to find a long skinny road full of pot holes! Whew! I feel like I could deliver anywhere now! Thank you CakeSafe and glad it's over!"

    - Chastity, For Cake's Sake

  • Cake Tier Ruler for dowels and top tiers

    "Sooo I used my Tier Ruler today!! Geesh it was soo helpful! I'm very pleased with the way my caked turned out today. CHEERS to another great product! Thank you CakeSafe."

    - U'Nique Sweets

  • How to transport large cakes

    "Thanks, CakeSafe for another stress-free delivery! Just delivered this wedding cake an hour and a half away, and it was as if I pulled it fresh out of the fridge. I've got 6 more LARGE wedding cakes to deliver between tomorrow and Saturday, and I'm thankful for the fleet of cake safes I've built up!"

    - Kristen, Frosting Fanatic

  • How to deliver multiple wedding cakes

    "I spent 6 hours delivering three wedding cakes yesterday, and I never could've done it without my CakeSafes! So thankful for these and the peace of mind they give me during long delivery drives --not to mention that I can bring two cakes with me at a time and not have to stop back at home between each delivery. (Third cake was delivered to a restaurant at 7:30pm with terrible dark lighting, so not including it in this post).

    I've got 6 wedding cakes due next week, and I'm not stressed one bit about the deliveries because of my CakeSafes."

    - Kristen, Frosting Fanatic

  • A CakeSafe is the best investment

    "I used my CakeSafe for the first time this past week and I have to say it has been the best investment I have made. Arrived in perfect condition, and let me tell you, it felt like the cake gods were really putting it to the test. We had to drive through what seemed to be the most bumpy pothole ridden roads. It definitely passed the test."

    - Blanca G.