CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Piece of Cake Dessert Gallery gets flawless icing with Acrylic Disks

    "When your Buttercream looks like fondant because it's FLAWLESSLY PERFECT! Sharp, crisp edges that are seemingly perfect. Thanks CakeSafe ... my Buttercream skills have been taken to a whole new level thanks to your product."

    - Piece of Cake Dessert Gallery

  • "I'm a professional cake decorator and own a cake company. I've always used a cake board on the bottom and top (Essential similar to using the acrylics) however cake boards have ridges and won't make for smooth icing. Also you have to shave the cake down to be shorter than the cake circles. I recently ordered the 6.5 acrylics (Square) to do a larger tiered square cake I had over the weekend. 

    It was well worth the investment. I'll be buying the round in the upcoming weeks. The acrylics are easily washed, easy to line up, and make perfect looking cakes. The fact they come in multiple sizes is fantastic. My cake acrylics are the new MVP of my bakery. They're easy to use and your cake will look fantastic. Even a novice decorator can now make gorgeous cakes. 

    Customer service is excellent, everything was very nicely packaged, I will definitely be ordering more products from this company."

    - Ashley Cerrano

  • "Another successful and stress free delivery thanks to my CakeSafe! With this Atlanta traffic and heat, I don't know how my cakes would make the journey without it."

    - Andrea, Sweet Details ATL

  • "The CakeSafe is Awesome!!!..... I have had mine now for about 4 years and I definitely would not want to risk cake delivery without it.... I hope to purchase a second one for multiple cake deliveries... Thank you for the great products!!"

    - Creative Cakes by Tammy Mays

  • "Another cake delivered safely in my CakeSafe. Survived a 2 hour drive without any problems. I love my CakeSafe and acrylics."

    - Sheri Evans Butler

  • Cakes with TLC loves CakeSafe's Icing Scrapers for smooth icing on naked cakes.

    "I have to tell you the acrylic scrapers are my favorite! Especially for naked cakes! I have some fabulous metal ones but they want to tear the cake. The acrylic ones glide gently across the cake and give it such a smooth finish that I don't even need to smooth it with a Viva."

    - Torey, Cakes with TLC

  • "Thanks to the CakeSafe acrylic disks, achieving the sharp edges on a cake is a breeze!

    This one was made for my daughter upon her return from a month long volunteering in South Africa. She was working at an animal sancutary where most of the animals she was tending to were birds, so that's why I chose the Bird of Paradise to represent the birds ;) all buttercream with fondant details."

    - Pavla's sweets

  • A long plane ride for Midori Bakery and the CakeSafe

    "Made it from Seattle to Lyon, France! Thank you CakeSafe!"

    - Midori Bakery

  • No matter how big or small New Moon Cafe always uses CakeSafes

    "Loading up our fleet! No matter how big or small, I always use my cakesafes!!!"

    - Erica Anderson, New Moon Cafe

  • The CakeSafe saved Tree Branch Cakery's day

    "This here is my Aunt Teddy who we just drove 450+ miles to visit and celebrate her 80th birthday! Less than halfway into our trip, my husband and I found ourselves stranded on the side of the interstate with a very unhappy SUV. We sat almost two hours in that hot car, no air conditioning, sweating into puddles while waiting on the tow truck.

    After getting picked up we had to be back on our way and ended up in a small compact car rental. The rest of the trip, the cakesafe sat in the back seat, buckled in but not on a flat surface. Upon arrival, a quick check proved the awesomeness of the CakeSafe - cake was intact, straight and not melted. 

    So after all that, what I'm trying to say, is that the CakeSafe kept Teddy's cake cool, safe and deliverable after an extra long day. 

    Thank you so much! I think I'll be picking up a smaller size safe so I can deliver all my cakes in such an easy, safe way. 

    - Lindsay, Tree Branch Cakery