CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Wingate's Cakes protected their cake from wind and sand with a CakeSafe.

    "Delivered this Sea Glass Wedding Cake to a venue on the beach with high winds and sand flying everywhere! So glad I had my CakeSafe to protect this beauty!"

    - Wingate's Cakes

  • So Sweet! loves how easy CakeSafes are to clean and store

    "Love it! The best tool that a baker can get! Very, super easy to use, clean and store!!!!!"

    - Heidi, So Sweet!

  • "Best investment ever! Anything sold from you guys are worth every penny."

    - Betsy Stolki

  • Dawn's Couture Cakes delivered a cake in a CakeSafe in 95 degree, humid weather.

    "Delivered this today in my CakeSafe, 95º and humid! No sweating occurred on the cake or me!"

    - Dawn's Couture Cakes

  • Petit Cali delivers their cakes with a CakeSafe

    "Fully stacked cake delivered in stress free fashion thx to my CakeSafe..."

    - Toya, Petit Cali

  • "I had to drive a cake over 200 miles two years ago. I was so worried and full of anxiety. I started looking for something to transport it safely. I found CakeSafe and they were wonderful to work with. I purchased one and my cake arrived safely. It was expensive, but worth every penny and to this day I don't regret buying it. If you can find a way to get it you'll never regret it."

    - Janet Teijeiro Edmonds

  • Piece of Cake Dessert Gallery ices with Acrylic Disks by CakeSafe.

    "When your Buttercream edges are so sharp, it looks like fondant. My CakeSafe acrylics are life!!"

    - Piece of Cake Dessert Gallery

  • Sweet Scene Cakes loves their CakeSafe

    "Love using my CakeSafe to deliver! This delivery was 45 minutes away and totally stress free!"

    - Sweet Scene Cakes

  • Lemeez Sweet Cakes drove for 1 hour on bumpy roads with their CakeSafe

    "Over an hour away through country roads and highways. Made it there CakeSafe!"

    - Maria, Lemeez Sweet Cakes

  • In A Sweet Dream uses Square Acrylic Disks to ice square cakes easily.

    "Thank you CakeSafe for my acrylic disks!! I don't even stress about square cakes anymore! In fact I find it very relaxing to ice a square cake now!! And they arrived yesterday exactly when I needed them!!"

    - In A Sweet Dream