CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "First three tier cake ever. Delivered via the beltway... at rush hour.. in the rain... into the depths of a parking garage with the most speed bumps ever... onto an elevator that closed its doors directly on the cake as we got on.. to a venue that wasn't ready for us to set up until two hours later than we expected. Thanks to my brand new CakeSafe we had a stress free dricve and were able to leave the cake in the building's lobby while we went out for a much needed coffee break."

    - Zavos Custom Culinary

  • "Just before delivery! CakeSafe made it so easy to deliver this wedding cake! Best investment!!!"

    - Cakes by Dee

  • "Yesterday's cake delivery included fog, rain, and driving up a mountain. It's all good because my CakeSafe got my cake there safely."

    - Commonwealth Cake Company

  • "The first wedding cake that was transported in our new CakeSafe! We were so glad we had it with the seriously long bumpy road we had to go down. Arrived perfectly!"

    - Sugar Rush Baking Company, LLC

  • "I absolutely love my acrylic disks! Total game changer!"

    - Nellie Howell

  • "L.O.V.E..... my acrylic disks... makes my job much easier!!!!! Thanks CakeSafe"

    - Bella Cakes

  • "This thing takes the stress out of delivery. THE best product on the market for cake delivery. Can't say enough good about this company."

    - Connie, Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique

  • The Wildflower Bakery delivered this cake in a CakeSafe

    "Drove this cake fully assembled (in a CakeSafe) for 2 hours to the venue and it arrived in perfect condition."

    - The Wildflower Bakery

  • "Thank you CakeSafe for the acrylic disks! I use them every time I'm making a cake, so I finally decided to share a photo of one of my cakes using your acrylics ;)  thank you again!"

    - Pavla's Sweets

  • "I absolutely love the acrylic disks that I have that my kids purchased for me, from you guys, and the icing scraper is the bomb!! (lol), my kids use that phrase.

    Thanks again for all of your help, I look forward to ordering more from cakesafe in the future.


    Thank You,

    Donna White"