Dianne Rockwell

Testimonial Feature: 

I just needed to tell you what a difference the CakeSafe made in my life this past weekend! Of my three wedding cake deliveries, two were in rural areas, one of which is a lovely venue located on the side of a mountain. Travel is slow and cautious around every turn, and there's a big sigh of relief each time a cake is safely installed. The CakeSafe has changed all that! I was able to drive normally at the speed limit around corners, up or downhill, with a fully-stacked tiered cake ready to place on the table- with no worries about damage or sliding tiers whatsoever. Quite frankly, I was amazed.

In over 30 years of delivering more than a thousand wedding cakes, never has a weekend been more stress-free! I have to say that there is no longer a location or delivery that would cause me a moment's concern. The CakeSafe has completely re-defined wedding cake deliveries for me in a very real and life-changing way...... thank you!


The Cake Safe just saved me from refunding a wedding cake payment, too! On Saturday I nearly gotten taken out at an intersection on my way to deliver a cake. I've never had a call that close- a minivan pulled out in front of me and I expected the crash and airbags at any moment. Even braking and swerving, I don't know I avoided her- my heart's still pounding! I pulled over to just gather myself, and she pulled up and said, "Sorry, I didn't see you!" And in the back was three tiers stacked in the magic box..... I don't know how the whole box didn't go over. The funny thing is, I almost decided to just pop the cake in the car since I was only going 5 or 6 miles- an easy delivery. But at the last minute I changed my mind and put it in the Cake Safe. Good thing- there's no way it would have survived without it. I am a very grateful (still shaking) lady- that box is the best insurance for ANY delivery situation- even close to home.

Dianne Rockwell