CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Omg I just did it! Just delivered this in my CakeSafe Box. First time ever using it. Was pretty worried not gonna lie, lol. Being in a wheelchair I needed to find ways to stack at home and wow what a lifesaver!!!!! 6-8-10-12 sizes."

    - Amanda Marie

  • "No scrubbed deliveries here! Landed perfectly at the destination thank you CakeSafe!"

    - Paula, Cakes by Paula

  • "Another successful delivery with our CakeSafe Box. Seriously this has taken away soooo much delivery stress... we also used our new CakeSafe bag today."

    - Elliegantly Made

  • Insulated Cake Box

    "I love my CakeSafe! Not a worry in the world when my cake is transported in one of these! It helps protect my wafer paper florals from rainy weather and I love being able to assemble most of the cake at home!"

    - Michelle, Bel Fiore Cakes

  • CakeSafe Box Testimonials

    "Yesterday was my first time using my CakeSafe Box! I was contemplating all week whether or not I would use it because I didn’t have time to do a practice run, but I had to have faith! It was a success! I purchased the Small/Tall with 1 shelf. The safe fit my 8 and 10 inch two tier cake on a 14 inch base with enough room to add the shelf holding the 6inch top tier! I was nervous inserting the rod but the rod went all the way through! I am so happy with my purchase."

    - Jamarice B.

  • Clear cake disks

    "Everytime I use my disk I love them even more"

    - Nancy G. 

  • CakeSafe Box Reviews

    "Every time I do a tiered cake, I say a little prayer of gratitude for my CakeSafes. 97F here in Austin, Texas, some good humidity and such a breezy delivery. This is my first time using the Mini size. It’s perfect for my two tiered cakes."

    - Ksenia B.

  • Hexagon Acrylic Disks

    "One of the best things ever invented. They were such a lifesaver and made it a very quick frosting process! I highly recommend Hexagon Acrylic Disks"

    - Anisor Fernandez, A&M Cakery

  • "I’m a proud owner of three CakeSafes of different sizes. I love the product. It takes the stress out of delivery! I run my bakery in Texas where half of the year we deal with heat. Delivering cakes on gravel roads is not for the faint of heart. CakeSafe makes it easy for me to deliver without worry about the cake. It also saves me money on packaging as well as my precious time during set up at the venue. The CakeSafe also makes a perfect topic of conversation at the venue - my clients are so impressed with the technology. Even more than with the cake itself."- Ksenia B.

  • vegan cakesafe transport

    "Easy peesy wedding set up! I still can’t believe I used to deliver for 19 years without the CakeSafe… it’s a game changer! I’m a gluten free and vegan chef and those cakes are difficult when stacked because you have to constantly create structure to avoid disaster. I used to have a panic attack at nearly every wedding. Now I’m so relaxed on the big day and get to focus on placing florals and taking pretty pictures."

    - Anya, Boho Buttercream