CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The easiest way to drive with a cake.

    "Thank you CakeSafe! My first wedding cake delivery was a complete success! 100% recommend for all cake decorators!"

    - The Bakery Girl

  • The easiest way to transport a cake.

    "I just used my CakeSafe for the first time yesterday... it couldn’t have been easier! Also, I feel that my cake looked cleaner and neater since I’m always in a rush to stack cleanly at the venue, and yesterday I didn’t have to rush!"

    - Cakes by Blythe, LLC

  • "I love my cakesafe. Living in NYC with potholes that are huge and drivers feeling like we are the bobble heads, the cakesafe gives me peace of mind, knowing there is nothing that can ruin my cake. Not only that, but when I walk into a venue, everyone talks about my cake box. They are impressed."

    - Sistaz Cakes

  • The best cake transporting box.

    "Thank you to CakeSafe for ease of mind traveling with a cake -- it worked wonderfully!"

    - From Joanne's Kitchen

  • How to drive with a cake?

    "Safely made the hour long trek with my CakeSafe!"

    - Monica, Sticky Sweet Cupcakes

  • The best icing tools.

    "Thank you!! The disks were a game changer for me! I'm completely loving the sharp edge look thanks to my CakeSafe disks."

    - Stefanie, OKC Sweets

  • Stress-free cake delivery.

    "I honestly couldn’t live without my cakesafe. Delivery is the most stressful part of the cake making process and being able to deliver a cake fully assembled makes my life much easier. 

    Some of the venues I work with often have very strict delivery times for events, so there would be no time to finish decorating the cake at the venue. I have 2 cakesafes and would consider a 3rd as I grow. Thank you to the team for creating such a fantastic product!"

    - Ali, Cake Me Up

  • The most professional way to transport a cake.

    "I love my CakeSafe so sooooo much! I show it off to everyone. It's such a game changer and easily THE BEST piece of equipment I've purchased for my business!! I also used my Cricut to make a vinyl decal to put on the back! People are so impressed with the CakeSafe when they see a cake inside it, and to be honest it makes ME look very VERY professional!! THANK YOU!"

    - Courtney, Belly's Bake Shop

  • Get smooth icing with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks.

    "This is the first time I used CakeSafe's acrylic disks and my buttercream couldn't be more smooth!"

    - Amanda, Painting With Buttercream

  • The best cake tool are from CakeSafe.

    "My acrylic disks and I have been married for over a year and I couldn't be happier. On this cake I used the disks, scraper, and the small palette knife for clean removal. Love your products and recently tried your version of smbc and love it too!"

    - Dalia Takes the Cake