CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe products are the best!

    "CakeSafe, thank you! I just love your product. It is so amazing."

    - Sweet Junkie Desserts

  • CakeSafe Acrylic Disks

    "Clean and sharp buttercream edges... thanks to CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks and Icing Scraper."

    - Sandra, Sweet Panache Cakes

  • How to transport a huge cake.

    "Transporting this huge cake was a little less stressful today thanks to my CakeSafe! Best money ever spent!" 

    - Suzannes Bakery

  • CakeSafe Acrylic Disks for Beginner Bakers

    "I used the 6.5 inch CakeSafe Acrylic Disks and the OG Scraper to get sharp edges. This was my first time ever using CakeSafe products and I absolutely loved them. They are really good at getting clean, sharp edges."

    - Cakes by Kennedy, 14 years old

  • "CakeSafe is a true life saver and convenience to have for my business!! Customers are so amazed to see their delivery being unwrapped and delivered perfectly, as if it were put together right there in the venue. Thanks CakeSafe for making our lives a whole lot easier."

    - Stacey's Cakes & Creations

  • The best cake transporter box.

    "The CakeSafe was worth every penny. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your company for your amazing product that takes a lot of stress out of delivering large tiered wedding cakes. Now my cakes arrive completely intact all the time!"

    - Catherine

  • The CakeSafe is a genius invention for delivering cakes.

    "Cake friends - if you are even thinking about getting a CakeSafe, just do it. I would have never had the confidence before CakeSafe to take on a cake like this because of transportation. I am honestly mad at myself for not thinking of such a genius product. Thank you CakeSafe for making my life so much easier." 

     - Catie Cakes

  • How to use a CakeSafe.

    "I bit the bullet and invested in a CakeSafe, and boy was it worth it. Using it for the first time I was worried how I would get the central rod through all the cake and cake boards, but it does exactly what it says it does; it takes the stress out of transporting tiered cakes."

    - Raj, Cakes 'n Sprinkles

  • Delivering a cake on a bumpy road.

    "Transportation to the farm was super easy using my CakeSafe box, it kept the cake intact after driving on Kauai's bumpy roads."

    - Gabi Baking

  • How to deliver a cake.

    "Loving our CakeSafe. We were so stress free delivering this cake!!! Best investment yet."

    - Great Lakes Cheesecakes