CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to transport a cake in hot weather.

    "THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE GAME CHANGER --- if you're traveling with a cake, you NEED to invest in a CakeSafe!!! It's literally amazing. I popped mine in the back of my sedan, drove 2.5 hours and didn't have to worry about the cake one bit!"

    - Olisa's Kitchen

  • "Your products change my baking life for the better, bought two CakeSafe delivery boxes, no more anxiety!"

    - Cakes by Cy

  • CakeSafe Deliveries are the Best

    "I have been an avid CakeSafe user since I first opened my business two years ago. I was so hesitant, as any new owner would be, I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this product once and I wasn’t confident on spending money on something I would never use. But little did I know this product was a MUST for any cake delivery! I have never ever felt so confident in my deliveries and have so far delivered to boats, dirt road path venues, you name it, and I’ll do it! I live in the wonderful south where the humidity is 90-100 on a good day and my cakes maintain their form without moving an inch during the delivery process. You won’t regret your purchase!"

    - Dessert Designs by Gisela

  • CakeSafe brand icing scrapers give sharp edges.

    "I got the smoothest sides I've ever done, thanks to my acrylic scraper I just got from CakeSafe."

    - Sweets by CiCi

  • Delivering a wedding cake.

    "My brides' cakes travel lavishly to their venue... They arrive perfectly because of the CakeSafe!!"

     - Olive Branch Cakes

  • Transport a tiered cake.

    "And not one of the blueberries was out of place thanks to The CakeSafe."

    - Addie, Zavos Confectionery

  • "Huge thanks to the CakeSafe company for your amazing product that takes a lot of stress out of delivering a large three-tier wedding cake an hour's drive away, most of which is winding and bumpy and absolutely terrifying for a cake decorator! Now my cakes arrive completely intact every time!"

    - Sweet Athena Cake Company

  • "I purchased a CakeSafe on the last day of the SoFlo Cake Conference as a last ditch effort to 'hang in there' doing wedding cakes... It was the delivery that was going to put my creativity to rest. Scott assured me that the CakeSafe would change the way I viewed cake delivery. My husband scoffed at the price I paid for the CakeSafe. I explained that this was my deciding factor on the continuation of stacked cakes. I am happy to report that the last two weekends proved you right! My husband is a firm believer in the product now and said it was worth every penny to see my stress level diminished! Thank you Scott for all the time you shared demonstrating the CakeSafe. I am grateful!" 

    - Patti Roemer

  • How to use the CakeSafe

    "I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for discovering your cakesafe box. I made my first wedding cake this past weekend and had to deliver it almost an hour away. I knew my previous methods of putting cakes into a cardboard box wasn’t going to cut it since the cake was all buttercream. I was most anxious about inserting the metal rod into my cake but as your customer service rep assured me it would be easy as pie and she wasn’t kidding. I couldn’t believe how simply it was getting the rod through the cake to the bottom. This past weekend was also very warm here in New York, 80 plus degrees which just added to my stress level but seeing the cake secured really help put me at ease. Removing the cake from the box was also a breeze! The rod came out with absolutely no problems! The only concern I had was that the venue manager insisted I leave the cake in the cakesafe box because he didn’t want any damage to happen to the cake since the wedding wasn’t until that evening and even though it would be stored in their fridge he didn’t want anything falling on it by accident. Lesson learned. I will bring an extra cardboard box with me when delivering cakes because I didn’t sleep a wink thinking about my cakesafe box. Picked it up the next morning and no missing pieces thank goodness! I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing cake box. It truly is wonderful and this newbie baker (only have been cake decorating for a year) is truly appreciative for your company and all its helpful products!

    Mink Karst (a very happy customer)"

  • How to transport a tiered cake

    "Just wanted to let you know a funny story from yesterday's delivery. I was unable to drop off the cake myself and I sent it in the CakeSafe box with a friend who was already attending. She said they insisted it stay in the CakeSafe unti they cut it, I think because there was a door nearby that kept opening and they didn't want the dust or heat to mess up the cake! So this was the picture she sent me! I am so happy with this box! The fact that it makes me comfortable enough to leave it in the hands of someone who knows nothing about cakes is priceless! Awesome invention. Thanks for making these boxes!"

    - Darlene Leon