CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to deliver a wedding cake?

    "How would I survive without you CakeSafe?? MUST have a CakeSafe for deliveries!!"

    Jenean, Carlton's Cakes

  • Long distance cake delivery.

    "Just wanted to drop a short note to say THANK YOU for your fantastic product.  I was delivering a cake 50 miles away this week when the last mile turned to gravel and ruts I had to drive 5 mph.  I looked in the back and the CakeSafe was vibrating and I thought - I’m dead.  I opened the back door and with one eye closed looked at the cake.  Not a bit of frosting disturbed.  It was actually amazing, that cake would have been in a pile if it were in a cardboard box.  Worth every penny - thank you. 
    Cheers, Sharon Nord"

  • The best caking tools are made by CakeSafe.

    "You guys make cakes so much easier!!"

    - Betsi, Betsi Bakes

  • How to frost a cake.

    "This was my first time using the disks on the top and bottom of the cake, and it made smoothng the sides and getting a sharp top edge easy breezy! I used the 8.25" disks on my 8" cake, and it was perfect!"

    - Lauren, Lauren Haley Cakes

  • How to safely deliver cakes.

    "I literally carted my CakeSafe through a forest to get this cake delivered! Couldn't have done it without y'all!"

    - Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

  • How to drive with cakes

    "My CakeSafe!! Money well spent!!!"

    - Migdalia Velez, Migdalia's Confections

  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "I love your disks. I'm just a hobby baker but I wanted my cakes to look great. So happy with them. I will purchase more sizes."

    - Daniela Cantana

  • How to take a long trip with a cake.

    "I drove this baby out to Weatherford! (About a 6 hour drive) and it did fine in my CakeSafe!"

    - Shelby Elizabeth Cakes

  • Tips for frosting a cake.

    "I LOVE your disks so much! They make my life so much easier!! I bought some around Christmas and I just ordered more sizes!"

    - Elizabeth Zell

  • How to create smooth cakes.

    "Making a unicorn cake would be impossible without my acrylic disks by CakeSafe!"

    - Dunn From Scratch