CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe Disks cut icing time in half.

    "SO GLAD I bought CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks! They're really helpful in making those sharp cake edges. Also, it cut my frosting time in half!"

    - Joy's Cakes and Sweets

  • Save time by frosting a cake with Acrylic Disks by CakesSafe.

    "Love the Acrylic Disks! You guys have such a fabulous company and it saves me time and money! Thanks a million!"

    - CoMo Classic Pastry

  • No stress cake delivery

    "Delivered stress free, I might add, thaks to my best friend the CakeSafe. I know wedding cakes can be stressful, but this one was really all fun!"

    - That Cake Stand

  • How to frost a cake.

    "I used 4" Acrylic Disks for those sharp edges. This was the first cake I made using the Acrylic Disks and don't know why I didn't start sooner!"

    - Karen, Sweet Afternoon

  • CakeSafes make cake delivery easy.

    "I would like to take the time to thank you and your team for your wonderful work and design.  From the moment I emailed you questions to the moment of the CakeSafe arriving [in Hong Kong] in such short time and in perfect condition, it was just so great to have this kind of service without customers going back and forth requesting for updates and replies.  As for the CakeSafe, it is definitely a lifesaver!  I cannot imagine transporting my sister's wedding cake or any stacked cake at all without it. The ride to the venue was very bumpy and there was a 10 minute stretch of continuous pebbly road... my heart keep skipping and stomach churning whenever we hit any bumps but when i opened the box, it looked how it was when I first placed it in.  It was a relief, and I kept telling myself why did I worry when all your reviews were great!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! :) "

    - Jasmine, Biskwit

  • How to frost a square cake.

    "Here is a pic of a cake I delivered Saturday. Your Acrylic Disks made smoothing the buttercream 'box' a breeze.

    Thanks for such great products!"

    - Chef Annie Hubbard

  • Best gear to transport cakes!

    "The best gear to transport cakes ever!! We put it to the real test in pouring rain and humid climate too. If you make cakes then you know that's the biggest enemy of fondant. I have to say my CakeSafe did a phenomenal job of living up to it's name!!! CakeSafe loyalist for life. Best best best thing I ever invested in for my business!!"

    - Bake2treat

  • How to get smooth icing.

    "I used my CakeSafe Acrylic Disks. How I loved using them. Best investment!!!"

    - Topped with Crystal, LLC

  • How to deliver a cake in a car

    "Could not have successfully delivered these three babies without my two Itsy Bitsy CakeSafes and Small Tall CakeSafe. Thanks!"

    - Cottage Creations by Kim

  • How to transport a cake in the rain.

    "I never like delivering a cake without my CakeSafe, but this weekend it saved my life for sure! it was pouring rain when we had to leave to deliver my nephew's wedding cake and we had to go from the house we had rented for the weekend to the car parked on the street. Everything arrived in perfect condition!! I'm so glad that I invested in such a great product!"

    - Mary Virginia Kay Gage