CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Cake delivery, railroad tracks.

    "The real MVP in this was CakeSafe! I called them last minute on Monday. They were so nice and shipped my Conversion Kit (to make my CakeSafe box taller) out on Tuesday and it was at my door Thursday! I was able to deliver the cake fully assembled down the highway 30 minutes, and over several railroad tracks, to the Findlay Country Club."

    - Spencer's Sugar Shop

  • The smoothest buttercream comes by using CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks.

    "When buttercream can look just as crisp as fondant, I call that a CAKESAFE cake. Acrylic Disks are life, people. Won't create without them."

    - The Frosty Blonde

  • Cake delivery long drive

    "CakeSafe products never cease to amaze me! Not a worry in the world delivering cakes with this baby! An hour + drive through the mountains on bumpy roads, and the cake was in perfect condition when we arrived! Such a relief for all future cakes now that I won't be a giant stress ball the whole drive!"

    - Kenzey Jenkin

  • "I can't thank you enough for the support and for the best no fail products. You're very appreciated and I don't think I would be where I am without your tools."

    - Dalia Takes the Cake

  • How to transport tall cakes?

    "Thanks CakeSafe... If you don't have one, better get one. It's a Life (Cake) Saver."

    - GreatLakes CheeseCakes

  • The best way to transport cakes.

    "I can't thank you enough!"

    - Sweet Creations by Gigi

  • How to ice a cake

    "I'm in love with my Acrylic Disks. Thank you!!"

    - Cake N Bake by Wasfia

  • How to transport a cake.

    "La parte más estresante de la vida de una pastelería es el parto, después de pasar largas horas de trabajo decorando ese pastel que ya es como tu bebé, ¿comienza el estrés, cómo lo voy a usar? ¿Si me lastimo en el camino? Pueden pasar muchas cosas en ese viaje y solo de pensarlo caemos en la histeria, porque te digo que hace un tiempo invertí en una herramienta tremenda para transportar galletas de la marca CakeSafe, es una caja diseñada para proteger tu bizcocho cuando lo transportas. y tengo que decir que es la mejor inversión que he hecho y es muy fácil de usar. El pastel llegó intacto y no tuve que arreglar nada, ¡solo coloque los adornos y ahora! En el pasado tuve muchos problemas e incluso accidentes al momento del parto, pero nunca más."


    "The most stressful part of a pastry chef's life, after spending long hours of work decorating a cake that is already like your baby. The stress begins, how am I going to deliver it? If it gets hurt on the road? Many things can happen on that trip and just thinking about it we fall into hysteria. Some time ago I invested in a tremendous tool to transport cakes, it is a CakeSafe box designed to protect your cake when you transport it. And I have to say that it is the best investment I have made and it is very easy to use. The cake arrived intact and I didn't have to fix anything, just put the cake topper on! In the past I had many problems and even accidents at the time of delivery, but never again."

    - Divine Cake Designs


  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "Thank you for making amazing Acrylic Disks. Makes my job easier and gives me more time for being creative!"

    - Jenny Bakes

  • How to get smooth icing on a cake.

    "Thank you!! Your Acrylic Disks are a game changer."

    - Jenn Morelli