CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The best way to transport a cake.

    "This Pink Champagne wedding cake was delivered all the way to Natchez [from Hattiesburg, MS]. So thankful for our CakeSafe."

    - Twelve Five Cakery, LLC

  • How to keep a cake cold when driving?

    "I used my new CakeSafe Shelf today and it was fantastic! It made transporting two cakes a breeze. Some of the (non-baking) party guests were impressed by my CakeSafe. Thank you so much for shipping to me early to insure I had it time for my granddaughters’ birthdays. You were so helpful and accommodating!"

    - Erin Dunn

  • How to ice a large cake?

    "Wedding cake I did this weekend using my acrylic disks! They made my first 14 inch so easy to frost!"

    - Hailey Hebert

  • How to move a cake?

    "So this cake was beyond heavy. Somehow as soon as I put it into the CakeSafe it lost 15lbs. Maybe it's because the unit evenly distributes the weight so it lightens the load like a good pair of Spanxs. Either way my CakeSafe makes life so much easier. I'm so happy that I made the investment when I did."




  • How to travel with a cake on an airplane?

    "We did it! Gingerbread village successfully delivered to Orlando! 

    About the process:

    I went to the airport (Chicago), parked my car and took a cart, loaded my CakeSafe on and went to check in. First, they sent me to another terminal, but I think it's specifically for Chicago. I've had a first class ticket, so they were happy to help. Asked me to sign a liability waiver and brought a special cart to take it down to the first floor and X-ray it. And that's it! Not to mention, people were actually excited to see the cake and took pictures. Everyone I've talked to were extremely nice and polite. 

    When I got to Orlando, my cake was waiting for me in the airline office."

    - Anna, Astashkina Cakes

  • How to ice a cake fast?

    "Edges so sharp, they cut your time in half. Love your acrylics! You guys are awesome!"

    - Kristina, Crumblette

  • How to get straight sides on cake icing?

    "I really didn't think this cake had hope for smooth and straight edges! I almost didn't attempt it and did a piped border. But the disks worked! I just love your product!"

    - Amy, The Sweet Kitch'n

  • How to deliver a cake with no stress?

    "This was my first time using my CakeSafe and it was an absolute dream! It took all the stress out of delivery and helped me make a bride and groom very happy indeed!"

    - Sarah's Quirky Cake Creations

  • How to drive with a cake?

    "Just a little behind the scenes for those asking how I deliver my towering cakes. I use a CakeSafe. It's fully insulated and secure for travel no matter the bumps, hills and turns. Furthest we've delivered is 60 miles."

    - Sweet Creations by Gigi

  • The easiest way to transport a cake.

    "CakeSafe has amazing products that help you to deliver your cake to the venue safe!"

    - Galiya's Russian Gourmet