CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to move a tiered cake?

    "Just wanted to tell you that I don't know how I managed before my cakesafe and I can't imagine doing without it now! Thank you!"

    - Laylita's Edible Art

  • How to move a cake?

    "Special thank you to CakeSafe who helped get this beauty delivered stress-free and safely after a 3 hour drive!"

    - Special T Soirees

  • How to move a sculpted cake?

    "You better believe we delivered this Mesob basket wedding cake in one of our CakeSafes after a few hours of piping!"

    - Azucar Bakery

  • The best caking accessories are from

    "Such a breeze making ruffles on your work board!"

    - Bake With Hue

  • Clean edges on cake frosting.

    "Nice clean edges with the help of my CakeSafe acrylic discs (best invesment ever!)."


    - Monica, Dolce by Moni

  • What's the best way to get crisp icing on cakes?

    "This was my first cake using CakeSafe's acrylic disks. Look at the crisp edges and 90 degree angle! I highly recommend them! The disks are magic!"

    - Baking with Amy Jean

  • What is the most professional cake delivery box?

    "Over 100 deliveries later... still going strong."

    - Kendra, Sweet Brown Cakes, LLC

  • What is the best way to transport a cake?

    "Every large Calavera Cakery cake arrives perfect to the venue in our cakesafe. We never take chances."

    - Jennifer Phillips, Calavera Cakery

  • How to get smooth icing on a cake?

    "I love the acrylic disks. I got them yesterday and immediately used them on a cake I had due today. Look at the smoothness! I love it!"

    - Chareese, ReeTayl Therapy

  • How to drive a cake through mountains?

    "A cake we drove 3 hours through the Sierra mountains! 4 tiers, 2 ft tall! I also used the acrylic disks for all of the tiers! Thank you so much for these products! I love them so so much! We are located in North Lake Tahoe and the roads are winding and steep! Love love love!"

    - Happy Tiers Bakery