CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to get smooth frosting

    "I am a hobby baker and for the life of me, could never get straight edges and a beautiful finish on my cake until these Acrylic Disks came into my life! They work amazingly well and the CakeSafe customer service is top notch! Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

    - Stephanie Anne Perlman

  • "Listen, I’m glad I made the investment for a CakeSafe! I have 2 and I wouldn’t be able to get these huge cakes to the venues without my CakeSafes or Attyre Delivery Service! For anyone who’s contemplating on getting a CakeSafe, GET IT! It’s a game changer! Seriously! We use ours for all of my huge cakes and celebrity events! Thank you so much!"

    - Caked by Petite

  • Cake box for driving

    "I hadn't used my CakeSafe in a long time and I was so nervous about transporting a cake. Thank goodness for my CakeSafe, it went SO smoothly and it completely renewed my faith in this product. There's no way the cake would've survived without it!"

    - Uncommon Confections

  • Tiered cake delivery, steep incline.

    "If you’ve spent any time in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park you know how windy and steep the main roads can get, and the driveways to some exclusive venues go to the tippy top of mountains. That’s why we invested in our clients’ peace of mind and purchased three CakeSafe delivery boxes. These are designed by engineers to keep the cakes perfectly still through any incline, even being turned sideways! They are also temperature controlled, so our buttercream tiered cakes are safe for several hours traveling to your venue."

    - Fox Den Baking Co.

  • Long drive with a stacked cake

    "I traveled over 120 miles with this 3 tiered cake already stacked. The CakeSafe Box is a gamechanger."

    - Sugarbelle Sweets

  • CakeSafes are worth every penny!

    "The CakeSafe is worth every single penny! I wouldn't be without it. I actutally have two. Transporting a cake is nerve wracking and these take away that stress. The peace of mind alone is worth the investment. They are amazing." 

    - Kymmy's Kitchen

  • CakeSafe brand Acrylic Disk Review

    "These acrylic disks are seriously amazing! They save so much time and I cannot get over the sharp and precise edges they produce. I love the disks and recommend them to all my friends too!!!"

    - Megha, Sugar Chic Desserts

  • The CakeSafe is the best thing ever!

    "The CakeSafe is honestly the best thing ever!!! I can finally relax when delivering my cakes and I don't have to assemble at the venue."

    - Suhei, Suhweets Bakery

  • CakeSafe Reviews

    "First CakeSafe delivery!!! Thank you for such a great product to help ease the stress of driving for over four hours!" 

    - Angelic Clement

  • Tips and tricks to deliver a stacked cake

    "Honestly, I wouldn't have a career in wedding cakes without the CakeSafe Box. It's the truth. Every time I deliver a wedding cake, my husband and I say to each other that I would never be doing this work without the CakeSafe. Thank you."

    - Lara Martins, LILA Cake Shop