CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "I used my CakeSafe Box for the first time this past weekend. Three tiers in a Mini/Tall CakeSafe. There were gravel roads for the last 20 minutes of the 90 minute total trip. The cake looked just as perfect as when it went into the box. I love my CakeSafe!"

    - Rachael Brown-Pierson

  • Essential products for bakers

    "Wedding season is off to a BANG this year and I couldn't survive without my CakeSafe Box. I did a tilt test just to prove the CakeSafe magic is true!!!"

    - The Cake Occasion

  • Best way to get sharp edges on cakes

    "Advantages of using Acrylic Disks - clean sharp edges and even buttercream on the sides."

    - Melissa Newman, CakesByMelle

  • Best cake box for driving in hot weather

    "Thank you CakeSafe for such an awesome product! I was able to drive this geode wedding cake 8 hours down to Florida for my friend’s wedding and it arrived in perfect condition."

    - Meagan Harper, Broad in the Beam Bakery

  • Best cake box for tiered cakes

    "I had this two tier cake in my CakeSafe Box last weekend and suddenly had to brake to an almost dead stop on the interstate. No way my cake would have made it. My husband looked at me and said 'I'm so glad you bought the CakeSafe.'. It's been such a lifesaver!!"

    - Cheryl Schuller

  • "My CakeSafe Box was worth every penny! Flawless deliveries. I don't have to worry about stacking on site. My cake can be perfected before it's delivered! Clients are always so impressed with the CakeSafe and always give compliments on how cool it is!"

    - Kelley Sanchez Davila

  • Best cake box for hobby bakers

    "I have quite a few pictures like this and I’m thankful that I do. Even though I bake as a hobby, one of the very first things I ever invested in was a lovely CakeSafe Box. I couldn’t imagine delivering a cake any other way, EVER!! Professional or hobby I highly recommend! Honestly, the most relaxing part of the whole process is driving to the venue and I’m in Atlanta where driving can be crazy."

    - Anissa Saxton, Engineering A Cake

  • "Absolutely the best money I have ever spent!! I own 2 CakeSafe Boxes and several other items. I am a hobby baker, a few cakes a year, usually big and tall, and I was always in a panic when it came time to deliver. Now I have no worries and I am calm as can be. I am old school and come from an era where the customer was always put first. I have never worked with a company with such incredible customer service!! They go above and beyond with every order or correspondence. Juli, Scott, Marissa, Rachel and the entire CakeSafe team, thank you so very much for your incredible products, integrity and over the top customer service!!!"

    - Lori Howard Winton

  • How to get smooth frosting

    "I am a hobby baker and for the life of me, could never get straight edges and a beautiful finish on my cake until these Acrylic Disks came into my life! They work amazingly well and the CakeSafe customer service is top notch! Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

    - Stephanie Anne Perlman

  • "Listen, I’m glad I made the investment for a CakeSafe! I have 2 and I wouldn’t be able to get these huge cakes to the venues without my CakeSafes or Attyre Delivery Service! For anyone who’s contemplating on getting a CakeSafe, GET IT! It’s a game changer! Seriously! We use ours for all of my huge cakes and celebrity events! Thank you so much!"

    - Caked by Petite