CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The best cake transporting box.

    "Thank you to CakeSafe for ease of mind traveling with a cake -- it worked wonderfully!"

    - From Joanne's Kitchen

  • How to drive with a cake?

    "Safely made the hour long trek with my CakeSafe!"

    - Monica, Sticky Sweet Cupcakes

  • The best icing tools.

    "Thank you!! The disks were a game changer for me! I'm completely loving the sharp edge look thanks to my CakeSafe disks."

    - Stefanie, OKC Sweets

  • Stress-free cake delivery.

    "I honestly couldn’t live without my cakesafe. Delivery is the most stressful part of the cake making process and being able to deliver a cake fully assembled makes my life much easier. 

    Some of the venues I work with often have very strict delivery times for events, so there would be no time to finish decorating the cake at the venue. I have 2 cakesafes and would consider a 3rd as I grow. Thank you to the team for creating such a fantastic product!"

    - Ali, Cake Me Up

  • The most professional way to transport a cake.

    "I love my CakeSafe so sooooo much! I show it off to everyone. It's such a game changer and easily THE BEST piece of equipment I've purchased for my business!! I also used my Cricut to make a vinyl decal to put on the back! People are so impressed with the CakeSafe when they see a cake inside it, and to be honest it makes ME look very VERY professional!! THANK YOU!"

    - Courtney, Belly's Bake Shop

  • Get smooth icing with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks.

    "This is the first time I used CakeSafe's acrylic disks and my buttercream couldn't be more smooth!"

    - Amanda, Painting With Buttercream

  • The best cake tool are from CakeSafe.

    "My acrylic disks and I have been married for over a year and I couldn't be happier. On this cake I used the disks, scraper, and the small palette knife for clean removal. Love your products and recently tried your version of smbc and love it too!"

    - Dalia Takes the Cake

  • How to airbrush a cake?

    "Airbrushing my angler fish with my new Master Airbrush machine and my Airbrush Spray Booth from CakSafe. Y'all!!! If you don't have an airbrush booth, then GET ONE! I had ZERO issues with color getting anywhere other than where I was directly pointing the airbrush. Best investment!"

    - Grace, GH Cakery

  • "Edges this sharp happen easily using CakeSafe acrylics and a beauty like this, gets to the party without worry using the coveted cakesafe transporting box."

    Deva, Big Laugh Kitchen

  • Wedding Cake Cooler

    "Delivered a wedding cake in the rain today! Oh wait, no problem at all with our CakeSafe!!!!! We sure love it!"

    - Cupcakes d'Amour