CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The best cake transporter box.

    "The CakeSafe was worth every penny. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your company for your amazing product that takes a lot of stress out of delivering large tiered wedding cakes. Now my cakes arrive completely intact all the time!"

    - Catherine

  • The CakeSafe is a genius invention for delivering cakes.

    "Cake friends - if you are even thinking about getting a CakeSafe, just do it. I would have never had the confidence before CakeSafe to take on a cake like this because of transportation. I am honestly mad at myself for not thinking of such a genius product. Thank you CakeSafe for making my life so much easier." 

     - Catie Cakes

  • How to use a CakeSafe.

    "I bit the bullet and invested in a CakeSafe, and boy was it worth it. Using it for the first time I was worried how I would get the central rod through all the cake and cake boards, but it does exactly what it says it does; it takes the stress out of transporting tiered cakes."

    - Raj, Cakes 'n Sprinkles

  • Delivering a cake on a bumpy road.

    "Transportation to the farm was super easy using my CakeSafe box, it kept the cake intact after driving on Kauai's bumpy roads."

    - Gabi Baking

  • How to deliver a cake.

    "Loving our CakeSafe. We were so stress free delivering this cake!!! Best investment yet."

    - Great Lakes Cheesecakes

  • How to transport a cake in hot weather.

    "THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE GAME CHANGER --- if you're traveling with a cake, you NEED to invest in a CakeSafe!!! It's literally amazing. I popped mine in the back of my sedan, drove 2.5 hours and didn't have to worry about the cake one bit!"

    - Olisa's Kitchen

  • "Your products change my baking life for the better, bought two CakeSafe delivery boxes, no more anxiety!"

    - Cakes by Cy

  • CakeSafe Deliveries are the Best

    "I have been an avid CakeSafe user since I first opened my business two years ago. I was so hesitant, as any new owner would be, I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this product once and I wasn’t confident on spending money on something I would never use. But little did I know this product was a MUST for any cake delivery! I have never ever felt so confident in my deliveries and have so far delivered to boats, dirt road path venues, you name it, and I’ll do it! I live in the wonderful south where the humidity is 90-100 on a good day and my cakes maintain their form without moving an inch during the delivery process. You won’t regret your purchase!"

    - Dessert Designs by Gisela

  • CakeSafe brand icing scrapers give sharp edges.

    "I got the smoothest sides I've ever done, thanks to my acrylic scraper I just got from CakeSafe."

    - Sweets by CiCi

  • Delivering a wedding cake.

    "My brides' cakes travel lavishly to their venue... They arrive perfectly because of the CakeSafe!!"

     - Olive Branch Cakes