CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "OMG, is all I can say.  I just received my discs, and after years
    of worrying about frosting, leveling, smoothing, and crisp edges.  My worries
    are gone, the first cake which I made last week with them came out perfect,
    in very little time.  One person had to stick her finger in the cake because
    she didn't believe it was buttercream.   Thank you."

    - Sarah McKenna

  • Cupcake delivery box.

    "I just wanted to let you guys know I love my cupcakesafe!!! I use it at all of my events. It's so convenient and easy to use. I can't thank you guys enough for creating such a useful tool for my business. You ROCK!!"

    - Vera, Earthly Edibles Cafe

  • How to deliver a cake safely?

    "Another perfect delivery 90 minutes away and 80 degrees outside!! Thanks CakeSafe .. best purchase EVER!!"

    - Melissa's Simply Sweet

  • How do I get sharp frosting edges on a cake?

    "Used my CakeSafe acrylic disks to achieve that sharp finish."

    - Isabel Ratnakaran

  • "I am a skeptical person by nature... and was blown away about how well the spray booth worked for dry dusting powders which I use a lot. Everything else in the kitchen wasn't covered in a thin veil of powder when I finished my project. Then I moved on to airbrushing and experienced equally good results."

    - Mark Seaman

  • How to contain cocoa butter overspray?

    "This commerical spray booth has been awesome! After spending some quality time with the new system, we are impressed. Not just me being the person airbrushing, but everyone in the kitchen has commented. Today was the true test of the new system. I sprayed one of our heaviest colors (red) last Thursday and the system handled it with no problems. Your thinner prefilters are, in a word, awesome. I sprayed red for two and a half hours before it got to the soft filter, which was lightly shaded pink. Those disposable filters will definitely cut down on filter costs. When I tell you that the kitchen thanks you, THE KITCHEN THANKS YOU! The cocoa butter would just be everywhere before. I would have a nice cocoa butter facial and the color would be all over my jacket. At the end of the day now, everyone is like 'Wow! Your jacket is still white!' Yeah, check it out, I'm CLEAN! The Spray Booth is AMAZING! Just AMAZING!"

    - Sydney, David Ramirez Chocolates

  • How to spray cocoa butter?

    Just used my CakeSafe spray booth for the first time today. Love the ease of assembly. It fit under my over counter cabinets, which was a priority for me. I sprayed colored cocoa butter on 6 bon bon trays and it handled overspray from both my badger air brush and my Fuji spray gun. Clean up was quick and easy. Very happy with the product.

    - Beth Westfall Chocolates

  • The best way to delivery cakes is with the CakeSafe transportation box.

    "I love mine! I don't know how I did it before this box, no more worries, it is amazing!!!" That was my birthday present from my daughter, I did the test, sideways and the cake didn't even move."

    - Vicky Perez

  • How to move a big cake?

    "Big thanks to CakeSafe for your amazing product that safely transported my biggest cake delivery yet! The three tier 16" base blackberry lavender cake traveled an hour through some backroads and made it safely on to the display table."

    - Dunn From Scratch - A Bakery!

  • How do I move a tiered cake?

    "My cake life wouldn't have been complete without you!"

    - Ekat's Cakes & Chocolate