CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to move a large cake?

    "Prepping for cake delivery! Cannot imagine doing this without my CakeSafe or my amazing husband. This is the largest cake I've done so far."

    - Melanie M. 

  • I recommend CakeSafe 110%

    "At the airport they believed the cake was not going to make it, but it made it from Washington DC to San Juan Puerto Rico in one piece. Thanks CakeSafe for an amazing product. Recommend 110%."

    - Cristina Delgado Santiago

  • CakeSafe makes the best icing scraper I've used.

    "The acrylic icing scraper is by far the best I've used. I have used sooo many different kinds, but being that this scraper is acrylic the edge never dulls or bends so you're guaranteed a super straight edge. Great quality products you guys have put out."

    - Melissa Rodriguez, Kynd O'Mello

  • "Your Icing Scraper is the absolute best thing EVER! It's the one tool I'm overprotective of, lke no one else can even wash it. LOL"

    - Tabitha Mayo

  • I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!

    "Here’s one of my most recent cakes!  I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!  Just placed my 8th CakeSafe order!  Love supporting a business that is so customer oriented and has such integrity!  I wanted to say, again, how much I love and support CakeSafe.  Your products are fabulous, your customer service second to none, and the value outstanding!"

    - Jennifer Kokesh

  • How to deliver a 3 tier cake?

    "This is what we deliver all our cakes in! We could never deliver without it... That's why this past wedding season we upgraded to a larger size. The first holds 2-3 tier cakes, but we found ourselves with more 4-6 tier wedding cake clients. Love our CakeSafes."

    - Next Dimension Bakery

  • How to deliver a tiered cake?

    "This cake has been around the block... in a CakeSafe. I recently purchased a CakeSafe and this was the first cake I used it with! I'm happy to say that even after many speed bumps, tilting the cake 45 degrees, and Bob's wreckless driving (jk about that part), the cake was 100% safe! I love this cake and I love my CakeSafe."

    - Mijji Cakes 

  • How to get smooth icing on my cake?

    "I got my CakeSafe acrylic disks and scraper today and the difference in smoothness of my cakes is amazing."

    - Sweet V Cakes

  • "Your CakeSafe has CHANGED my life, and improved my marriage. My husband comes on 98% of my deliveries. And he has NO STRESS when we have the CakeSafe. THANK YOU FOR CREATING A PRODUCT THAT CHANGED MY WORLD!"

    - Melissa Kelly-Hill

  • How to deliver a cake?

    "Does your heart clench when you do cake deliveries? Mine used to, until I got the CakeSafe! Although, I have to admit, I hold my breath whenever I plunge the center dowel into the cake. But it hasn't let me down yet! Delivered this cake on the weekend in my trusty CakeSafe!"

    - Mel, It's Made by Mel