CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Sharp edges achieved using CakeSafe's acrylic disks. I love that I can go borderless using your disks!"

    - Melanie Wideman, A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery

  • "I am only a hobby baker but my husband bought me a cakesafe from you a while back and I use to panic everytime I had to move one of my cakes to the event, and even the first couple times using the cakesafe I would as well, but now I couldn't be happier with it. I no longer in a state of anxiety. I transported the cake below with absolutely no issues this weekend. I brought extra decorations with me to place around base of cake once we got there. It is incredibly easy to use - best invention. I love it and next I will be purchasing your acrylic disks .All leaves, pumpkins, gourds, acorns, etc are all edible." 
    -Donna Paul

  • "Just wanted to thank you for my CakeSafe! I couldn't live without it."

    - Kara Walker, Sweet Tiers Cakes 


  • "Owning a CakeSafe has been a total life saver. It's taken so much stress out of delivering cakes! I can't imagine ever going back to delivering cakes without one. It's worth every penny to have the peace of mind that it gives me. We have clients tell us all the time how impressed they are with our delivery system, how clean and professional the CakeSafe is versus a cardboard or plastic box, or five! It also saves valuable time spent assembling cakes on site, and we all know time is money! Thank you so much for your amazing products!"

    - Jennifer Burns Perkins

  • "Huge shout out to CakeSafe. I swear these disks are AMAZING! I love how all my cakes, but more so my drip and flower cakes come out perfectly smooth, even and delicious."

    Daniela's Kitchen

  • "Deliveries #1, 2, and 3 were a success. One had to go all the way to Palm Springs from our Tasting Kitchen in LA!"

    - Eva Cassidy, CAKE by Cassidy

  • "I own SUGAR +BLOOM cake shop in the Twin Cities and I couldn't do what I do without CakeSafe's acrylic discs and scrapers. They've really changed my life and have allowed me the ability to quickly - and perfectly! - frost, scrape, and smooth my buttercream cakes. I own sets of 6.5", 8.5", and 10.5" discs and several scrapers. Today I emailed CakeSafe to special order an extended tier 14" scraper and they responded immediately that they could do that for me. I absolutely could not be happier with CakeSafe. I'll never order scrapers from anyone else. At this point, almost all of my cake orders are picked up. If that changes, I will definitely be purchasing a CakeSafe" 


  • "I can't say enough great things about Cakesafe! I purchased mine only a short time ago and I've already used it multiple times, for buttercream decorated cakes and fondant decorated cakes. It has completely taken all of the stress out of my wedding deliveries, and I live in Colorado where I frequently transport cakes on winding mountain roads! Thanks Cakesafe!"

    - Nicole Pond Lamb

  • "CakeSafe is one of the best products available. I have 2, and I use at least one of them every week. It's easy to put together and doesn't take up much room when disassembled. It has definitely taken a lot of the stress out of wedding cake deliveries!"

    - Becky Holman, Bit of Whimsy Cakes

  • "Delivered this huge 4 tier in my awesome cakesafe!"

    - Dawn's Couture Cakes