CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Cake friends, this is one of the best investments I have made since I picked up a piping bag. No more mopping the floor after each cake, no more trying to build a cardboard fortress to protect appliances from too much over spray, no more tracking food dyes on my carpet, and most of all, no more multicolored with a touch of iridescence snot, I give you the Air Brush Spray Booth from CakeSafe. I was beyond thrilled when I whipped out this puppy to use it on my pumpkin cake, this is the cake that broke in my new booth." 

    - The Cakerator

  • "I love my CakeSafe! Bought for my nieces cake. In Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley. Up two flights of stairs. This past weekend. Cake is on a Sarah's Stands."

    - Elizabeth Belen Mettler

  • "I am the proud owner of two CakeSafes. When I saw the picture posted on their FB page years ago with a cake in a CafeSafe that had an extreme tilt I was cautiously suspicious that it would do as it claimed. I took a chance and purchased one for the cake pictured here. Well silly me didn't measure the clearance in the trunk of my SUV so in order to get it in my vehicle my husband and I had to tilt the CakeSafe at an extreme angle to wedge it in the car. The cake was iced in buttercream and it did not budge. I live in a high traffic city with terrible potholes and bad highways. I have been cut off, had to slam on breaks, you name it. My cakes have ALWAYS arrived in perfect condition due to CakeSafes. I will NEVER deliver a tiered cake without one."
    - Melanie Wideman, A Little Slice of Heaven, LLC

  • "Will you look at those sides!! I love my new Disks from CakeSafe!!"

    - Nellie Howell, Baked Bliss

  • "The CakeSafe is THE BEST tool I have for cake decorating. It eliminates the horrible tension of delivering a cake. It's worth every cent"

    - Janet Teijeiro Edmonds

  • "CakeSafe Acrylic Disks have changed my game, wish I'd bought them sooner!" 

    - Nichole Stiglich Cake Design

  • "Wanted to thank your team of amazing professionals. From your customer service representatives that helped me choose the right size, to Juli and Scott who called me personally to ensure everything went smoothly, CakeSafe has been above and beyond. Ordering another now!"

    Eva, CAKE by Cassidy

  • "Thank you!!! I am too excited.. these acrylic disks are the greatest things invented for the cake world." 

    - Kesha, Key Bakes

  • "I just want to thank the good people at CakeSafe for creating such an amazing cake transporting device.I literally worried myself into a migraine concerning the details of this cake. Well let me tell you the CakeSafe is literally "idiot proof" I said a little prayer and dropped what I called the "rod of righteousness" right into the center of my cake and..... "TA-DA!" My cake was locked and loaded. The wonderful people at CakeSafe had been so helpful answering all of my questions beforehand that I was confident that my delivery would be a breeze and it was. I can happily say that the wedding cake made it to the venue on time and intact. Breakdown of my med/tall unit was quick and easy too. I felt like my cake was sitting it's own little armored truck You guys are amazing!"

    - Shanita, Booka Bakes

  • "I used your acrylic disc today and looooooooooooved them! I'm going to place an order for the square set now."

    - Candy Abreu, Sweets by Candy