CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Loving my new CakeSafe, it's making my life a whole lot easier."

    -  Rhiannon Chandler, Sweet Rhi


  • "I have 7 CakeSafes. The CakeSafe is why I make wedding cakes."

    - Sharon, Icing on the Edge


  • "Here is the first cake I made using the acrylic disks. I love them so much! This pastry chef thanks you for your amazing invention."

    -Eleah Swegle

  • "Boy am I glad I purchased a CakeSafe right before this wedding cake. This cake made it all the way out to Glen Farm in Little Compton by the water. And when I say "all the way out" I mean through multiple unpaved dirt paths through hilly, dusty & rocky fields!"

    - Lauren Wingate, Wingate's Cakes

  • "Thank God for my CakeSafe!!!! We left at 8 this morning from New Castle, stopped for some lunch, took our time, and setup the cake in Durango at 3:30pm. It was a long verrrry curvy drive and I didn't have to worry a single bit!! I love it!"

    -Afternoon Delight Bakery

  • "Hi Cake Safe Team -

    I recently purchased a CakeSafe and the Acrylic Disks.  I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am!  My maiden voyage of the CakeSafe made the trip from Denver, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming to transport my Dad's very special 88th Birthday Cake!  It worked beautifully!
    Two days later, I used the Acrylic Disks and the CakeSafe again to make and transport an Aspen leaf Fall-themed wedding cake.  The bride didn't want fondant (which is what I normally work with) so I was nervous about making the Aspen bark cake out of buttercream, but thanks to your disks, it came out great!!
    Thanks again for making such great products that make our lives easier :)
    Nicole Bendig-Lamb dba The Sweetest Thing"
  • "What an ingenious design. Recently transported a wedding cake an hour away in hot humid weather over winding roads. The Cakesafe delivered the cake fully intact with no need of repair – all that was needed was to add the topper. Thank you."

    - Judith Wright

  • "A smooth and safe delivery, thanks to my trusty CakeSafe. Your product is truly a godsend."

    Venus, Venus Kwan Cake

  • "Not sure I have ever gotten edges like this before... thanks to CakeSafe acrylics." 

    - Shiny Ball Creations

  • "The Air Brush Spray Booth is AWESOME! It is amazing how effective it is at controlling the dreaded petal dust mess."

    - Ted Scutti, Sugar Sugar