CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "I used to transport my babies in a cardboard box, which is fine for single tiers, but it made me so nervous for the big ones. I would be an anxiety ridden mess for every delivery. NOT ANYMORE! I took the plunge and purchased a CakeSafe and now I don't worry at all about my cakes. They arrive safely no matter how many pot holes I drive over or sharp turns I make! I'm in love and will be forever grateful for this amazing cake invention! Thank God for CakeSafe!!!"

    - Natalie DeHaven Cakes

  • How to ice a cake smoothly?

    "Loving the smooth sides on these 2 tiers all thanks to CakeSafe acrylics. They make decorating a breeze."

    - Aimee, Baking with Aimee

  • How to keep cakes cold when transporting.

    "I was SO nervous that I would do something wrong and ruin my cake but it was a breeze. I was able to drive confidently, the cake was still chilled and the center rod came out so easily with gentle twisting!"

    - Barb, The Noble Cakery

  • How to drive with a tiered cake?

    "The CakeSafe has radically changed our delivery process, cutting out the stress and white-knuckle driving! It was honestly the best investment we've made for deliveries thus far, and top 3 for the business in general! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!"

    - Leah, The Mix Baking Co.

  • The easiest way to get sharp iced corners.

    "Finally, i have the CakeSafe cake disks at my fingertips! Sharp corners/edges have always been a struggle for me. CakeSafe made it a breeze! I don't know why i waited so long to purchase these! I will definitely be adding various sizes to my collection."

    - Dani, A Taste of Things Sweet

  • How to get sharp edges on cake icing.

    "CakeSafe acrylics make my life happy."

    - Kate, Stacked

  • How to transport a wedding cake?


    I just wanted to give you a review on your fabulous cakesafe! I absolutely love it, it worked perfectly I had no problems. It was easy to assemble. Well worth the money.



  • Cake Delivery Box

    "Thank you, we delivered successfully!!"

    - Ana, Cake by GRACE 

  • Kate delivers her tiered cakes using a CakeSafe

    "Another perfect delivery! Thank you!!!!"

    - Kate Nunn

  • Easy ways to get smooth icing on cakes.

    "Another cake made beautiful because of cakesafe acrylics. I'm so happy to be a lifetime cakesafe customer!"

    - Big Laugh Creative Kitchen