CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Long distance cake delivery.

    "Just wanted to drop a short note to say THANK YOU for your fantastic product.  I was delivering a cake 50 miles away this week when the last mile turned to gravel and ruts I had to drive 5 mph.  I looked in the back and the CakeSafe was vibrating and I thought - I’m dead.  I opened the back door and with one eye closed looked at the cake.  Not a bit of frosting disturbed.  It was actually amazing, that cake would have been in a pile if it were in a cardboard box.  Worth every penny - thank you. 
    Cheers, Sharon Nord"

  • The best caking tools are made by CakeSafe.

    "You guys make cakes so much easier!!"

    - Betsi, Betsi Bakes

  • How to frost a cake.

    "This was my first time using the disks on the top and bottom of the cake, and it made smoothng the sides and getting a sharp top edge easy breezy! I used the 8.25" disks on my 8" cake, and it was perfect!"

    - Lauren, Lauren Haley Cakes

  • How to safely deliver cakes.

    "I literally carted my CakeSafe through a forest to get this cake delivered! Couldn't have done it without y'all!"

    - Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

  • How to drive with cakes

    "My CakeSafe!! Money well spent!!!"

    - Migdalia Velez, Migdalia's Confections

  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "I love your disks. I'm just a hobby baker but I wanted my cakes to look great. So happy with them. I will purchase more sizes."

    - Daniela Cantana

  • How to take a long trip with a cake.

    "I drove this baby out to Weatherford! (About a 6 hour drive) and it did fine in my CakeSafe!"

    - Shelby Elizabeth Cakes

  • Tips for frosting a cake.

    "I LOVE your disks so much! They make my life so much easier!! I bought some around Christmas and I just ordered more sizes!"

    - Elizabeth Zell

  • How to create smooth cakes.

    "Making a unicorn cake would be impossible without my acrylic disks by CakeSafe!"

    - Dunn From Scratch

  • How to frost a hexagon cake?

    "I’ve been buying from you for a while and find your products life-changing. I will attach my latest cake to this email so you can see what your hexagon disks were able to do!  Also, please note that all of the flowers are sugar flowers :) "

    - Todd Kennedy, Todd Kennedy Cakes