CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Heavy Traffic Cake Delivery

    “Thanks to my brand new CakeSafe Box, this beauty made it over an hour away in Long Island through stop-and-go traffic. I drove over potholes, and on zig-zagging side roads without a problem!⁠”

     - Christine, Sweet Biscuit Bake Shoppe

  • Heart Shaped Cakes Made Easy

    “These flawless Heart-Shaped cakes are made easily by using CakeSafe’s Heart Acrylic Disks. I’ve been collecting vintage cake decorating books and I think it really shows with this heart cutie.”

    - Heather Rainwater, Heathercakes Baking Co.

  • Cake Comb Texture

    “The Julianne Cake Comb helped me achieve the texture on the left half of this cake. And of course, I used my CakeSafe Acrylic Disks to perfectly ice this cake — for a boy/girl joint birthday celebration.”

    - Lorraine Jones Creative House

  • Destination Wedding Cake Delivery

    “My first time using my CakeSafe was on Saturday and it was an absolute breeze. Delivering tiered cakes in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park used to be stressful, but not anymore! Purchased my second CakeSafe today!”

    - Melissa, Fox Den Baking Co

  • “Purchasing my CakeSafe was the best decision I’ve made. Any tiered cakes, wedding or not, get delivered in it. Worth every penny for that peace of mind!”

    - Dahlia Takes the Cake 

  • Square Cakes Made Easy

    “Square cakes... are they difficult? Yes. Are they time-consuming? Yes. Am I going to make more of them? 1000x times yes! CakeSafe’s square acrylic disks deserve the reputation they have!”

    - Karla's Cakes 

  • Texas Summer Cake Delivery

    "I was really nervous about taking this delicate and moist chocolate groom's cake all the way to Texas, so I ordered a smaller CakeSafe last minute just for this size! Transportation went perfectly smooth, including all of the handlings in and out of the hotel and to the venue! If you’re thinking of getting one, DO IT!”

    - The Round House Bakery 

  • Accident-Proof Cake Box

    “We hit a deer and it didn’t touch the cake in our CakeSafe! Talk about going from 100 to 0 in 3 seconds!”

    - Venessa, Foodie Pharm Babe

  • “The CakeSafe is a definite game-changer when you’re explaining to clients that you’ll transport their custom masterpiece without a fault, using the CakeSafe instead of a regular box!”

    - Stacy’s Cakes and Creations

  • Easy Cake Delivery

    "Our cakes are protected from rain, wind, heat, anything airborne like dust or pollen, AND any bumpy rides and sudden stops. We never have to worry that our cakes will melt, shift, fall, or be damaged in any way. The CakeSafe is truly the best!"

    - Wingate's Cake Design