CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Cake Designer's Dream Delivery

    “CakeSafe is a MUST for transporting a tiered cake! 

    Driving on bumpy roads - CHECK 

    Carrying your cake from vehicle to venue - CHECK 

    The CakeSafe is God’s gift to cake designers! If you are on the fence, invest in your peace of mind and buy one. Future you will thank you!”

    - Monika, MLC Bakery

  • “I had to deliver a five-tier double barrel cake an hour away, on a very hot and humid day. I delivered and set up at the venue as if I decorated on the spot! The CakeSafe Box is the best purchase ever!”

    - Dawn Hanley 

  • Cobblestone Cake Delivery

    “Every bump in the road, cattle grid, windy British country lanes, and potholes; they all gave me the absolute worst anxiety. A CakeSafe is a huge financial investment, but it guarantees that my beautiful cakes arrive looking just as I imagined they would. My sanity remains intact and my poor husband doesn’t get dragged to every delivery!”

    - Anne-Marie Payne, The Little Cake Company

  • Fragile Cake Delivery

    “​​My first time using a CakeSafe Box was a STRESS-FREE delivery of a 4 tier wedding cake during a late summer British heatwave. The venue was over an hour away. The cake was completely intact at the venue! The only “problem” was I forgot to take photos in my excitement about my CakeSafe! Looking forward to another delivery soon.”

    - Bonita, Bonita Bakes

  • “One of my cakes traveled for 2 hours. Then we had to roll it on a cart for about a half-mile on bumpy cobblestones to the gondola. And then up the mountain! All in a CakeSafe Box!”

    - Ashley,  Afternoon Delight Bakery 

  • Dirt Road Cake Delivery

    “I’ve delivered 3 wedding cakes in my CakeSafe Box so far.  Two out of three of them were up a dirt road in rural North Carolina. All of my cakes have been perfect upon arrival and everyone at the venues was so intrigued by the CakeSafe!”

    - Cheryl, Schuller’s Sweets

  • “The CakeSafe Box is SO worth the money! Everywhere I've lived has had its share of crappy roads and crappy drivers. I went from Central New England to the Low Country of South Carolina. All it takes is one pothole you couldn't avoid or a person slamming on their brakes in front of you. Physics is a real thing, people! The couple of hundred dollars that a CakeSafe costs is a great insurance policy for getting anywhere with your cake in one piece. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

    - Carrianne, BugaBoo Confections

  • Delivering a Cake in a Heatwave

    “The stress relief ALONE made this a great investment. We were in the middle of a heatwave - 116 degrees - and the CakeSafe Box kept the cake nice and cool. No sweat, no sliding, and the cake came out easily. The hole that the center rod left behind was so small and easy to cover! I am extremely satisfied with it.”

    Ayesha Knowles-Carter

  • Heavy Traffic Cake Delivery

    “Thanks to my brand new CakeSafe Box, this beauty made it over an hour away in Long Island through stop-and-go traffic. I drove over potholes, and on zig-zagging side roads without a problem!⁠”

     - Christine, Sweet Biscuit Bake Shoppe

  • Heart Shaped Cakes Made Easy

    “These flawless Heart-Shaped cakes are made easily by using CakeSafe’s Heart Acrylic Disks. I’ve been collecting vintage cake decorating books and I think it really shows with this heart cutie.”

    - Heather Rainwater, Heathercakes Baking Co.