CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Wedding cake deliveries with the CakeSafe

    "I love my CakeSafe! It was definitely worth it! I wish I would've gotten it sooner!"

    - Qua'Tesha, Thee Bougie Baker, LLC

  • "I ordered my first set of cake combs in the beginning of December. I will be checking one off weekly. Thank you for such amazing products! You have earned another super loyal customer for life!!"

    - Tess, Proffer Hill Farms

  • Clear sharp iced edges.

    "There is nothing as satisfying as getting clean, sharp edges. Thanks to my Acrylic Disks from CakeSafe."

    - Veeyon Cakes

  • The only way I deliver tiered cakes safely.

    "The ONLY way I travel - CakeSafe."

    - Dessert Designs by Gisela

  • Sharpest cake edges from CakeSafe disks.

    "I think these are my sharpest edges yet! All thanks to CakeSafe Acrylic Disks."

    - Laila | Custom Cakes

  • CupCakeSafe for safe cupcake transport.

    "I LOVE my CakeSafe Boxes! I made a huge investment in the system at the beginning of the year in preparation for 3 weddings. All three of them required quite a distance for traveling and I was super anxious about it. The pandemic moved a couple of the weddings, and business is starting to pick back up, but I'm SO glad I have my CakeSafes and the Cupcake Inserts!!"

    Julia, The Ocelots' Den


  • CakeSafe acrylic disks for sharp icing edges.

    "CakeSafe for the win once more! Helping me get those straight edges! Thank you!"

    - Your Cup of Cake

  • CakeSafe Acrylic Disks for sharp cake edges.

    "I have to credit CakeSafe's acrylic disks for those amazing sharp edges!"

    - Em's Cake Design

  • Keep cakes secure with a CakeSafe box.

    "Ever wonder how I deliver my cakes? I use CakeSafe boxes. They keep the cake covered and secured. Here is a cake I did last night. And I took a panel off to show that I can tilt the safe with the cake in it and it stays secure. Bumpy roads, steep hills. I’m good."

    - Ms. Laura's Cakes

  • CakeSafe is the Best!

    "CakeSafe - Best Thing Ever!"

    - Anitra Wright