CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Cake Disks for Smooth Icing

    "CakeSafe, thank you for those acrylic disks that gave me the clean edges!!!"

    - Monica, Dolce by Monica Camarillo

  • Who sells the best cake disks? CakeSafe!

    "Acrylic disks by CakeSafe are the bomb."

    - GIna, The Dream Cake

  • Best way to move a cake?

    "I absolutely love my CakeSafe! Every time I arrive at a venue pepole are so impressed."

    - Manon Villeneuve

  • "Dear Juli,

    First of all everything turned out perfectly. By way of background I live in the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park above Palm Springs. A portion of the road I was delivering on had recently received rain and I had to use my 4 wheel drive truck to get into the venue. The cakesafe was instrumental in getting my 1st wedding cakes safely there. Thank you to you and your husband for designing this wonderful product. In hindsight, had I not been so nervous I would have taken a video to show you the type of road I had to drive on where portions of the road had physically washed away. Your product is amazing! I won't deliver a cake without it.THANK YOU and happy holidays to you and your family."

    - Samantha Macfarlane

  • The best way to transport a cake.

    "This Pink Champagne wedding cake was delivered all the way to Natchez [from Hattiesburg, MS]. So thankful for our CakeSafe."

    - Twelve Five Cakery, LLC

  • How to keep a cake cold when driving?

    "I used my new CakeSafe Shelf today and it was fantastic! It made transporting two cakes a breeze. Some of the (non-baking) party guests were impressed by my CakeSafe. Thank you so much for shipping to me early to insure I had it time for my granddaughters’ birthdays. You were so helpful and accommodating!"

    - Erin Dunn

  • How to ice a large cake?

    "Wedding cake I did this weekend using my acrylic disks! They made my first 14 inch so easy to frost!"

    - Hailey Hebert

  • How to move a cake?

    "So this cake was beyond heavy. Somehow as soon as I put it into the CakeSafe it lost 15lbs. Maybe it's because the unit evenly distributes the weight so it lightens the load like a good pair of Spanxs. Either way my CakeSafe makes life so much easier. I'm so happy that I made the investment when I did."




  • How to travel with a cake on an airplane?

    "We did it! Gingerbread village successfully delivered to Orlando! 

    About the process:

    I went to the airport (Chicago), parked my car and took a cart, loaded my CakeSafe on and went to check in. First, they sent me to another terminal, but I think it's specifically for Chicago. I've had a first class ticket, so they were happy to help. Asked me to sign a liability waiver and brought a special cart to take it down to the first floor and X-ray it. And that's it! Not to mention, people were actually excited to see the cake and took pictures. Everyone I've talked to were extremely nice and polite. 

    When I got to Orlando, my cake was waiting for me in the airline office."

    - Anna, Astashkina Cakes

  • How to ice a cake fast?

    "Edges so sharp, they cut your time in half. Love your acrylics! You guys are awesome!"

    - Kristina, Crumblette