CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "I never deliver a 3 tier or larger cake with a CakeSafe!"

  • "I've used my new CakeSafe the past two weekends now, and I LOVE it!! I was nervous using it the first time, but it went off without a hitch and worked like a charm! It was definitely worth the investment! I also LOVE my new acrylic disks...THANK YOU!" - Mindy Bryant

  • "Started these cakes off right with Acrylic Disks. Couldn't do my cakes without a great base! Thank you for an awesome product!"

  • "There is no better feeling after working HOURS on a cake than knowing it will arrive safe and sound. I have always stacked on site and have spent so much time finishing up cakes with wedding guests watching while they wait for the ceremony to start. Thank you for making something to help out a small business like mine! Deliveries have turned into one of the least stressful parts of wedding cakes now. Thank you!" -Trisha Virgadamo

  • "Every wedding cake that leaves the shop gets transported in my CakeSafe! It's my American Express, I never leave home without it!"

  • "I love my Acrylic Disks!!! So fast and easy!!! Hoping for the [cake transportation] box next!"

  • "Transported this cake completely set up thanks to my Cake Safe! Took all the worry out of it!"

  • "Love my CakeSafe. Best investment for my business. I can't say enough about this product. Not just for tiered cakes. Massive cake delivered stress free and was perfect. That's priceless! Just ask my husband the driver. lol" - Lisa Herrera

  • "It was my first time using my new CakeSafe acrylic disks. Who ever invented these life savers is a genius. My fellow cakers trust me you won't be disappointed."

  • "Transporting a cake has never been a breeze for any baker. To be honest its pure tension you guys. We have had mishaps like shifted tiers, smashed buttercream, sudden breaks, slope issues, etc. The drive inbetween is nerve-racking. Seriously!! We tried to find solutions in easing the situation but never were satisfied till we came acrross our favourite designer Maggie Austin transporting her beautiful creation to The White House for The White House Christmas. We were truly impressed with how professional it looked. We came to learn of how it is used through the original inventors CakeSafe. The box transports tiered cakes intact, withstands movements and even the insulated sides keep the temperature contained. This is pure genius we thought. From the moment we started making tiered cakes we couldn't wait to get our hands on one. And its finally with us! The Original CakeSafe. Indeed a baker's dream come true. Only the best for our friends at BabyCakes Singapore. Special thanks to the CakeSafe team for their wonderful service and smart and thoughtful invention." - from Instagram