CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Transporting a cake has never been a breeze for any baker. To be honest its pure tension you guys. We have had mishaps like shifted tiers, smashed buttercream, sudden breaks, slope issues, etc. The drive inbetween is nerve-racking. Seriously!! We tried to find solutions in easing the situation but never were satisfied till we came acrross our favourite designer Maggie Austin transporting her beautiful creation to The White House for The White House Christmas. We were truly impressed with how professional it looked. We came to learn of how it is used through the original inventors CakeSafe. The box transports tiered cakes intact, withstands movements and even the insulated sides keep the temperature contained. This is pure genius we thought. From the moment we started making tiered cakes we couldn't wait to get our hands on one. And its finally with us! The Original CakeSafe. Indeed a baker's dream come true. Only the best for our friends at BabyCakes Singapore. Special thanks to the CakeSafe team for their wonderful service and smart and thoughtful invention." - from Instagram

  • "I just received my first order from cakesafe and let me say I will be ordering again!!! I ordered Wednesday afternoon and received Friday afternoon!!!! I was shocked it shipped so fast! Also, I was overcharged for shipping and they reimbursed me! What an awesome company!"

  • "Super cool cake transportation system! It's fabulous! We sat through over 4 hours of Los Angeles traffic and it arrived perfectly safe!"

  • "Less than 24 hours after its delivery, my new CakeSafe made its maiden voyage up the mountain in a thunderstorm! It was perfect. So happy with my purchase."

  • "Clean, crisp, buttercream cake delivered to Bray's Island Plantation. Used CakeSafe Acrylic Disks to achieve straight sides and sharp edges. Thanks for making such a helpful and affordable product." - Courtney Glover

  • "I looooooove using the CakeSafe to transport all of my cakes, to the mountains and beyond, this thing is a cake saver!!" 

  • "Dear CakeSafe,

    I love you. Your acrylic cake disks are brilliant and make my life 1000% better."

    -Halee Holland

  • "We typically spray [cocoa butter and chocolate] for holiday items, such as our Valentine hearts. The CakeSafe Commercial Spray Booth has helped in the efficiency and speed." - Zoe Tsoukatos

  • "I used the CakeSafe twice on the same day, one at 3pm and the other at 6pm." - Sulamita Lima

  • "We used BOTH of our CakeSafes to get this cake delivered. We never deliver without our CakeSafes anymore. I used to dread our wedding cake deliveries. Now I am relaxed as ever, knowing that I truly have nothing to worry about. We have driven 75 miles with a 4-tier wedding cake without a concern in the world!"