CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Can't thank Juli & Scott enough for making today's cake just a little less stressful. For taking the time to show me soup to nuts exactly how to use the CakeSafe, and being so very helpful! The weather may not be on my side - but the CakeSafe made drop off and set up so much easier!"

  • "Those acrylic disks are the best ever!!!!" - Ana Reyes

  • "Well in the rush of trying to meet my set up deadline I forgot to take a photo of the cake in the CakeSafe, but I am so glad I had it because traffic was horrible, the road was under construction, and it was pouring down rain! Here is a photo of it at the reception location! Thank you so much for helping me receive my CakeSafe in just the nick of time! Much love to CakeSafe and Rachel for your help!" 

  • "I used my acrylic disks from CakeSafe for the sharp edges on all of these cakes. I got my last order in time to use my disks for the tiny 4" smash cake. Loved the thank you note postcard. Nice touch."

  • "I'm so happy I purchased your square acrylics all in a set... so happy with the smooth corners ❤️❤️❤️." - Mirna Brinkman, Treasure Bites Cakes & More


  • "I appreciate what you do in your business because it has taken my stress level down to zero with your products. They're so fail safe and worth every penny. Our cakes come out darn near perfect with the Acrylic Disks which makes our work a lot cleaner than most. I think that is a big reason why we have become successful."  -Jason Bodine, Bodine's Baking Company

    Products Purchased: Medium CakeSafe & Acrylic Disks

  • "There is no better feeling after working HOURS on a cake than knowing it will arrive safe and sound. So thankful for my family that got me a CakeSafe for my birthday! Deliveries have turned into one of the least stressful parts of wedding cakes now. Thank you!" - Trisha Virgadamo

    *All the cakes pictured were delivered in a CakeSafe

  • "A CakeSafe Spray Booth is a must in any Cake Studio.... I so love mine!" 



    Product Purchased: Air Brush Spray Booth - Tall - Professional

  • "I recently purchased a set of 6.5" and 8.5" Acrylic Disks. I want to let you know that you guys rock my world. I never thought acrylic disks would be this helpful in terms of my cake frosting or decorating. It is so awesome! I even recommended them to my friend and she will be ordering some too. Pictured is my daughter's 2nd birthday cake. It is the best cake I have ever made. And I am very proud to say that it's all because of the amazing Acrylic Disks. Thank you so much!!!"

  • Rachael Teufel made two cakes for the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. The cakes were for a wonderful couple who got married on the show. Rachael flew the cakes on an airplane packed inside a CakeSafe. 

    She says "This was my CakeSafe's second airplane trip. Both were hugely successful. Love my CakeSafe!!!! I would recommend it for any cake delivery, not just the tricky cross-country flights!"