CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Dear CakeSafe,

    I love you. Your acrylic cake disks are brilliant and make my life 1000% better."

    -Halee Holland

  • "We typically spray [cocoa butter and chocolate] for holiday items, such as our Valentine hearts. The CakeSafe Commercial Spray Booth has helped in the efficiency and speed." - Zoe Tsoukatos

  • "I used the CakeSafe twice on the same day, one at 3pm and the other at 6pm." - Sulamita Lima

  • "We used BOTH of our CakeSafes to get this cake delivered. We never deliver without our CakeSafes anymore. I used to dread our wedding cake deliveries. Now I am relaxed as ever, knowing that I truly have nothing to worry about. We have driven 75 miles with a 4-tier wedding cake without a concern in the world!"

  • "This was airbrushed using my CakeSafe Airbrush Spray Booth. I love the Airbrush Spray Booth. It works great!  :-) " 

  • "I love love love my acrylics! I am always recommending them because they make my cake life so much easier! I ICE and GO!"

  • "Thank you CakeSafe! I used mine for the first time this weekend [to deliver the cake pictured] and it was amazing. I was stressing about a long drive plus two miles of bumpy gravel roads, and it was a breeze."

  • "Last weekend I was delivering a wedding cake at Tower Hill in Boylston, and one of the catering team (Tastings) was blown away when he saw the CakeSafe.  I told him I had used your first prototype, and was your first sale- not to mention that you gave me 20 years of life back. ;-) " - Dianne Rockwell

    The first CakeSafe sold in 2009 is still going strong!

  • "As always, transporting was made easy with our CakeSafe! We love your products! :)" 

  • "This was a cake I made while I was taking a class with Sift by Kara, who is amazing and taught how to use the CakeSafe acrylics! And I'm so indebted to her!! I have NEVER been able to get the sharp edges that I can now achieve while using your acrylics, I'm in love with them! And Juli, when I first got back into cakes after many years, you gave me your cake and icing recipe, which I now use religiously, thank you for your kind and sharing heart! Thank you all at CakeSafe!!"