CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Rachael Teufel made two cakes for the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. The cakes were for a wonderful couple who got married on the show. Rachael flew the cakes on an airplane packed inside a CakeSafe. 

    She says "This was my CakeSafe's second airplane trip. Both were hugely successful. Love my CakeSafe!!!! I would recommend it for any cake delivery, not just the tricky cross-country flights!"


  • "I love our CakeSafe booth!  We have limited space and there is no way we could have made room for a traditional spray booth, but the CakeSafe spray booth is perfect.  It's easy to set up when we need it and stores easily in a cabinet when we don't need it." - Elizabeth Foley, Chocolatier

    Product purchased - Commercial Spray Booth - Wide Professional

  • "If you don’t know, the CakeSafe is an ingenious contraption whose sole existence is to aid in the transportation of cakes especially when that special couple wants their ceremony on top of Everest. With the CakeSafe you can actually tip your cake up to 45 degrees and possibly more without the cake even moving..."

  • "Our CakeSafe is ready for the 2016 Wedding Season! Thank you CakeSafe for easy transport!" 

  • "I tried my acrylic disks today and my cake turned out perfect... it looked so good, smooth and level...I am so proud of myself and I'm so glad I found CakeSafe. I am a beginner and they help me to make a cake like a professional... love love love them." 

  • "Headed out to Jamestown Ranch with the bride's and groom's cakes both secured safely thanks to CakeSafe! You have transformed my delivery business!"

  • "Iced using CakeSafe Acrylic Disks and delivered in a Cakesafe . Thank you for making my life easier. I own 5 CakeSafes and love love love them." 

  • "Testing out the CakeSafe with a flight to Alabama. The cake arrived safely without a scratch! It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. It was actually quite exciting! And as you can see the cake arrived in perfect condition. Thank you to CakeSafe for making an awesome traveling case!"

  • "I purchased a mini CakeSafe to transport a 4 tier cake to a Sweet 16 today.  I was SO nervous about getting it here safely.  CakeSafe is AMAZING!!!  I wish that I had purchased one sooner.  Thank you for your wonderful product!"

  • "I used the acrlic disks to ice this cake!! I absolutely LOVE them!"