CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe Transport box for mountain deliveries.

    "The CakeSafe went out on her maiden voyage today! A stress free ride over Kebler Pass. It was such a game changer. I don't know what took me so long to buy. It is the answer to the dirt roads and mountain passes of Western Colorado for sure!"

    - Hannah, Blue Sky Baking Company

  • CakeSafe Acrylic Disks for easy frosting.

    "The Mickie Cake Comb made another appearance!! Your cake combs take my cake artistry to a complete new dimension! Thank you!! And I just got 2 sets of your acrylic disks - complete GAME CHANGER! OMG! So easy! So Smooth!!"

    - Sweet Stuff By Fresh Dish

  • Sharp icing edges with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks

    "YOU GUYS! I am sooooooo happy with this cake. Thanks to CakeSafe I got SUPER sharp edges."

    - Kennedy's Confections

  • Cake decorating tools from CakeSafe review.

    "My amazing husband got me some amazing cake supplies from CakeSafe for my birthday. I've used the acrylic disks before and I love them! They always give me sharp edges and a perfect finish!"

    - Adelaide, The Baking Scrub

  • Clear easy to use Cake Comb by CakeSafe

    "I used one of my favorite Cake Combs from CakeSafe to add some texture to the sides, added a drip and some swirls, and voila! So so good!"

     - Simply Rachel G Bakery

    Product Used: Ophelia Cake Comb

  • CakeSafe transport box for easy cake delivery.

    "I used the CakeSafe for the first time today and I was so excited. It was SO easy and it worked like a dream. I was just so impressed with how easy it was to deliver my cake!"

    - Pearl, Pearl's Cakery

  • Cake transportation long distance

    "We always transport any larger cakes over 2 tiers in our CakeSafe boxes. They work like magic and hold everything in place! Well worth the $$$!"

    - The Round House Bakery

  • CakeSafe box to deliver cakes.

    "This amazing CakeSafe is awesome! Not only did it help me travel with a cake for an hour, but I was stress free and I had no worries. This awesome CakeSafe kept this cake secure the whole way. CakeSafe, your product is amazing! I highly recommend this. It is a game changer for sure!"

    - SugarPlum Delicacy

  • How to deliver a tiered cake?

    "Three years ago today I made my first wedding cake!! I had nightmares about delivering this cake for months. It was the cake that made me buy my CakeSafe. I use it for all my wedding cakes now!"

    - Monica, Sticky Sweet Cupcakes

  • Acrylic Cake Disks from CakeSafe Review

    "Perfectly straight sides and sharp edges brought to you by CakeSafe's acrylic disks and scraper. These tools are everything!"

    - Stacey, Sweet Stace Cakes