CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Wedding Cake Transportation

    "All this while... I've been seeking the Lord for the bone of my bone... the flesh of my flesh... and there he is... and his name is "The CakeSafe". Okay seriously, all jokes aside, this has got to be the best thing is the ENTIRE world! We drove almost 3 hours (annoying traffic) with this baby and I didn't worry one bit! It got there in one piece which gave me PEACE. Listen my CakeSafe family... you deserve an academy award! This was my FIRST wedding cake and you made it easy for me. So THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You all are absolutely GENIUS!"

    - Suga Lump Sweets

  • How does a CakeSafe work?

    "I secured my CakeSafe in my car with a seat belt and took it on a super windy road up and down a nearby canyon. The cake was completely 100% intact."

    - Meriel, Mmm Dessert!

  • How to transport a cake.

    "Winter weddings at Uley's can be a bit challenging!  Thanks to CakeSafe we were able to safely deliver this beauty in the snowcat to the venue!"

    - Wildflour Sweets

  • How to move a cake in the rain.

    "Wedding Cake delivery in the rain is stress free... thanks CakeSafe."

    - Melissa's Simply Sweet

  • How to deliver a wedding cake?

    "How would I survive without you CakeSafe?? MUST have a CakeSafe for deliveries!!"

    Jenean, Carlton's Cakes

  • Long distance cake delivery.

    "Just wanted to drop a short note to say THANK YOU for your fantastic product.  I was delivering a cake 50 miles away this week when the last mile turned to gravel and ruts I had to drive 5 mph.  I looked in the back and the CakeSafe was vibrating and I thought - I’m dead.  I opened the back door and with one eye closed looked at the cake.  Not a bit of frosting disturbed.  It was actually amazing, that cake would have been in a pile if it were in a cardboard box.  Worth every penny - thank you. 
    Cheers, Sharon Nord"

  • The best caking tools are made by CakeSafe.

    "You guys make cakes so much easier!!"

    - Betsi, Betsi Bakes

  • How to frost a cake.

    "This was my first time using the disks on the top and bottom of the cake, and it made smoothng the sides and getting a sharp top edge easy breezy! I used the 8.25" disks on my 8" cake, and it was perfect!"

    - Lauren, Lauren Haley Cakes

  • How to safely deliver cakes.

    "I literally carted my CakeSafe through a forest to get this cake delivered! Couldn't have done it without y'all!"

    - Wandering Whisk Bakeshop

  • How to drive with cakes

    "My CakeSafe!! Money well spent!!!"

    - Migdalia Velez, Migdalia's Confections