CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Tips for getting smooth icing.

    "The 'this is me concentrating' face :) But check out the smooth sides of that cake! Thanks cakesafe. Your acrylic discs and scraper for the win!!"

    - Buttercream Buttercream

  • Cake Transportation Solution

    "Delivered this beauty yesterday using my CakeSafe for the first time! Even at 85 degrees and humid as hell, this baby stayed together!"

    - Wildflour Cakes + Pastries

  • How to get smooth icing on a cake?

    "First time using CakeSafe acrylics and I am in love. Straight sides and clean edges."

    - Aimee Brown, Baking with Aimee

  • How to transport a tiered cake?

    "Of course, we used our CakeSafe to transport this one, can't leave home without it!"

    - Azucar Bakery

  • "I ABSOLUTELY love the airbrush booth!! I don't know why I never ordered it sooner!!"

    - Ann Alaboud, Sweet Treasures

  • Aracely uses CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks with whipped cream icing to get smooth edges.

    "Ordered the acrylic discs and this was the first time using them. Can you believe this is whipped cream?"

    - Aracely


    "I'm so thankful!!!! I bought from you the acrylics, the cakesafe in 2 sizes and the airbrush booth. My life has changed so much!!! Thank you for taking the time to really think about our needs and making our lives so much easier… Your products are THE BEST!!!!!!"

    - Ana C.

  • Life is easier with CakeSafe's Acrylic Disks

    "My acrylic disks from CakeSafe make my life a lot easier!"

    - Sweet Obsessions Cake Co.


  • Nikki flew her cake checked as baggage on a plane from FL to NY in a CakeSafe transportation box.

    "Thank you guys. Best investment ever. My cake was flown from West Palm Beach, Florida to New York."

    - Nikki Abud

  • Natalie never worries about her cakes when she's driving - even over potholes.

    "Never worried about my cake for a second, even when I drove over a big pot hole!"

    - Natalie DeHaven Cakes