CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The best cake combs are made in the USA by CakeSafe.

    "I used the other side of the cake comb as my cake scraper and I fell in love with it! I always thought metal was better because you can heat it up, but these completely changed my mind!"

    - Hailey, Flour Power Cakes & Bakes

  • The best cake delivery box

    "Thank you so much!!!! You guys have one of the greatest inventions in the cake business hands down!!"

    - Venus, Venus Kwan Cake

  • Cake transportation made easy.

    "LOVING my CakeSafe. Makes deliveries stress free! Huge thank you to this AMAZING company!! This box is magical!"

    - Kristine, Sifted Baking Co.

  • Cake delivery made easy.

    "Just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating such an amazing product! I decided, against other people's recommendation, to make my own wedding cake and had a lot of anxiety over having to drive 2 hours and deliver my own cake. But the CakeSafe made it so easy and got my cake to the venue in perfect condition. It's been 2 weeks and I'm still raving about it!

    - June Y. 

  • No fear cake deliveries.

    "Fear free delivery is ready to go! CakeSafe is a lifesaver, I mean it!"

    - JoonMyung Choi

  • Easy cake delivery and transportation.

    "Thank you CakeSafe. I made my first delivery yesterday and it went so smoothly."

    - Carmen's Confections

  • How to fly on an airplane with a cake.

    "I finally had the chance to use my CakeSafe today! The cake flew from Philadelphia to Houston safe and sound!"

    - Grace, GH Cakery

  • How to deliver a tiered cake in a gondola.

    "Taking a tiered cake up the gondola at Killington. Shoutout to CakeSafe for making this a fun and stress-free delivery!"

    - Nicole, North Country Cakes

  • The Tiny Tool is a cake decorator's best friend.

    "I just got the new Tiny Tool. That thing is AMAZING! It helped me get really sharp edges on the tops of each cake and was super helpful when cleaning up the extra frosting on the cake board. I think it's my new favorite tool." 

    - Sweet Society Baking Co.

  • How to deliver a huge wedding cake.

    "No, you don't make a CakeSafe quite this tall, however, there were a couple of them involved in the transportation of this 11 tier cake. I wasn't white knuckle driving over bumpy roads, because I knew the cake was safe! 

    - Brandy, Go West Baking and Events