CakeSafe Testimonials

  • How to transport a large cake?

    "CakeSafe for the win! I bought the cakesafe specifically for this cake because it’s the largest I’ve ever made. This was for my sister’s shower and it was a Mommy to Bee theme. It was easy to use and I didn’t worry at all during the drive. This is the mini-tall size. It was perfect. I also used the acrylic disks for middle and bottom tiers and those were great. The icing was really smooth. Thank you!"

    - Lauren Schmucker

  • "A huge thank you to the Juli & the team!
    I am a novice cake decorator with perfectionistic tendencies and HOLY COW
    have you nailed it with the acrylic disks!! I've only used them once but I
    can assure you these tools are a game changer! What took 7-10 passes with a
    bench scraper took 3-4 passes and elevates the cake aesthetic ten fold!! In
    addition, I'm super impressed with the attention to detail by handwriting my
    name & signing the note card that came with the disks! That's class right
    there! I will be sure to tell EVERYONE how I create my delicious
    masterpieces! Thank you x 10!!!

    Warm regards & Cold buttercream,
    Bobby Johnson

  • best way to deliver a wedding cake

    "This cake traveled 700miles from Atlanta to Miami last weekend!! It was a stress free trip from start to finish. My fellow cake artists know how stressful delivering a tiered cake can be, but Nooo, this trip was a breeze. All 700miles, because of my CakeSafe. No way I would have even considered making this trip without my CakeSafe box to keep it safe and well insulated. If you make and transport tiered cakes, it’s a must have!! I highly recommend this miracle box! The cake was boxed up at 4:30am Thursday morning in Atlanta and unboxed at 5:30pm Saturday in Miami in perfect condition. It looked great and tasted real good. I’m so looking forward to all my stress free cake deliveries in the coming months. Can you tell how excited I am about my most priced possession? I see a second CakeSafe box in my very near future."

    - Julie Miller Cake Design

  • Driving with a wedding cake in traffic.

    "I have definitely learned my lesson after this last weekend! I was 8 minutes away from the wedding venue when someone pulled out in front of me... and then down went a beautiful 3 tiered wedding cake! I had to rush home to try to fix as much as I possibly could but the final result was nothing like the first. So thankful to the bride and her family for being understanding and compassionate about the situation. I highly recommend all my cake friends to buy a CakeSafe. I will now ALWAYS be using my CakeSafe! Especially in this Atlanta traffic."

    - Leeta's Creations Custom Cakes

  • Cake Icing Tips

    "I am EXTREMELY impressed with my CakeSafe acrylic disks!! I have a lot of practicing to do with them, but holy moly are they life savers! I've always struggled with a sharp top and getting an even amount of icing on the sides of my cakes, but those disks do the job!"

    - Sara, Sweet Dreams Bakery

  • Tips for Icing a Cake

    "I just purchased my acrylic disk kit and this is my first time using it!!!! It has taken me to another level... Best investment ever!!!"

    - Cici the Chef

  • Mountain drive with a cake.

    "I just had my 1st wedding cake delivery using the medium CakeSafe delivery system. I have been making cakes for 13 years now and this was by far the easiest deilvery. Oh did I mention it was a 3 hour drive on a windy, bumpy, moutainous road? I highly recommend. Worth every penny!!!"

    - Antoinette Taylor

  • The best way to drive with a cake.

    "The CakeSafe is my favorite product! It has saved my life so many times! There's no way I would deliver cakes without it!"

    - Estefania, Let Them Have Cake

  • Worry-free cake delivery

    "How did I deliver this beautiful 3-tier wedding cake to the venue safely? As always, I use a CakeSafe! It's been worth the investment for me for the past few years for a worry-free delivery of multi-tiered cakes! So brides, bring on those wedding cakes! I got you!"

     - Joy, MMC Bakes

  • I'll never deliver a cake without my cakesafe!

    "My CakeSafe is AMAZING! The wedding cake arrived at the venue flawlessly, even after all the construction and drivers in Camden. I'll never use anything else to deliver tiered cakes again!"

    - Holly, BitterSweet Confections Bakery