CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "I'm super stoked these acrylic disks from CakeSafe came so quickly! Sharp edges ahoy!"

     - Janice Mansfield 

  • "I love my disks. I get asked all the time, is that fondant... I proudly say no it's buttercream. Thank you CakeSafe."

    -Kendra Eaglin, Sweet Brown Cakes, LLC

  • "First wedding cake of the day, packed up in the CakeSafe! I love my CakeSafe!" 

    Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes

  • "Swiss Meringue Buttercream + CakeSafe Acrylic Disks = Perfection!! I swear the acrylic disks are the best thing ever! I don't hate buttercream anymore." 

    - Tracy's Custom Cakery

  • "So let's just say I don't know how I did cake deliveries before without my cakesafe! It was fast and easy to assemble once the cake was in there as well as remove the cake. This was my first time using the cakesafe, after it being recommended by one of my friends. I was extremely nervous as well because the bride/groom wanted the cake tiers all lined up towards the back and so there for I was not able to put the rod in the center of the cake and was worried that it would "split" the cake. To my surprise it didn't effect it at all. Multiple things about it I love. I love how it disperses the weight of the cake and therefore it is easier to move. I love the little ledge on the bottom of the base so you can securely pick it up. I love how it's insulated and the cake is completely surrounded by a barrier from the elements. I love how the center rod can stay in until it's on the cake stand/table. The whole thing is quite the ingenious idea! I don't have anything bad to say about it! I am so excited to take this on all of my wedding cake deliveries and be confidant that it's not going anywhere. And, of course I had to try and "tilt" it slightly with the cake in there. Thanks again for giving me many stress free deliveries, and my husband thank you too."

    - Erica Anderson, New Moon Cafe

  • "Your acrylic disks and scrapers are the best thing that ever happened to me! They help me create awesome cakes - on the first try! - like this. I just ordered more. Thank you!!" 

    - Sugar + Bloom Cake Shop

  • "15 minutes away from the destination, the car's A/C stops working. In temperatures that felt over 100 degrees, panic set in... But luckily the CakeSafe kept the cake nice and cool and impeccable until the delivery. WORTH EVERY PENNY and as always, my clients love when the anticipation as the Cake Safe is opened and their cake is revealed!"

    - The Starfish Cottage

  • "The cake rode 195 miles to Seguin, Texas in a CakeSafe, with hubby averaging 85 miles/hour. Fully decorated. It made the journey stress-free. Thanks so much for your guidance in using the Cake Safe! Your customer service is EXCELLENT!"

     - Brenda Broadway, BB Bakes Sugar Art

  • Cake Safe - Jennifer Phillips

    "Another successful CakeSafe delivery. Stress free."

    - Jennifer Phillips

  • CakeSafe - Daniela's Kitchen

    "Huge shoutout to CakeSafe! I ordered both sets of acrylic disks and they are AMAZING! I used the disks on the 4 recent cakes I've made and I love how even my icing is. I also loved the personalized note, the little things that count."

    - Daniela Copenhaver, Daniela's Kitchen