CakeSafe Testimonials

  • CakeSafe - Oven Couture

    "First time using my acrylic disks & soooo so happy with them!  THank you!  My only mistake was not getting a smoother with my order!   :)  Thanks again!"

    - Michelle, Oven Couture

  • "I'm so excited.  We received the Quad Airbrush Spray Booth and it is awesome. You Guys rock.  I tried the booth last night and I totally loved it.  My nose was for the first time color free.  Lol."

    Martina, M & T Events

  • "I have had to go on most of deliveries before CakeSafe but now I have trained other workers in disassembling it at the reception."

    - Janice Harrison, Occasional Cakes

  • "Hi, I used my Cakesafe for the first time last weekend. My daughter's 4-tier cake did not move, despite almost 9 hours in the back of our car!! Thanks for your helpful advice. Here is a photo of the wedding cake, transported from Scotland to the south of England in the Cakesafe."

    -Vivienne Gleghorn

  • "Added this beauty to my bag of tricks and can't wait to deliver every single wedding cake in its own CakeSafe. Rest assured Buttercup Houston brides and grooms, your cake is in the best hands!"

    - Buttercup Bakery

  • "No one could believe it was actually cake, it was too perfect. Excited for more orders to come so I can use these again." 

    - Kristin Everleigh McClane, Sugar Craft Studios

  • "The acrylic disks made this a breeze!"

    - Sweet Events

  • "My CakeSafe Icing Scraper is one of my Most Favorite Baking Tools! Great Tools = Great Products!"

    "I was also able to take pics of this cake using the Acrylic Disks."

  • "I never deliver a 3 tier or larger cake with a CakeSafe!"

  • "I've used my new CakeSafe the past two weekends now, and I LOVE it!! I was nervous using it the first time, but it went off without a hitch and worked like a charm! It was definitely worth the investment! I also LOVE my new acrylic disks...THANK YOU!" - Mindy Bryant