CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Testing out the CakeSafe with a flight to Alabama. The cake arrived safely without a scratch! It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. It was actually quite exciting! And as you can see the cake arrived in perfect condition. Thank you to CakeSafe for making an awesome traveling case!"

  • "I purchased a mini CakeSafe to transport a 4 tier cake to a Sweet 16 today.  I was SO nervous about getting it here safely.  CakeSafe is AMAZING!!!  I wish that I had purchased one sooner.  Thank you for your wonderful product!"

  • "I used the acrlic disks to ice this cake!! I absolutely LOVE them!" 

  • I've had my CakeSafe for a number of years and NEVER used it.  I had a fear of wrecking my cake when I push the rod into it. You assured me at the show in Miami last April many have done it!  I also contacted you by email for .... I guess I'll say reassurance.  Well finally I took the "plunge" and it worked out great.  I assembled the cake on the base, as it was so heavy I could not move it myself.  I drove 20 miles or so on the Florida Turnpike with no problem. Based on the design of this cake, that would have been a problem without the CakeSafe, as the slightest movement could have made my gingerbread house come tumbling down.So thank you for giving me the courage and for "dusting off" my CakeSafe! 

  • I LOVE MY ACRYLIC DISKS. I am not a professional baker, but I have been baking for over 30 years. I wish you had been around many years ago, my baking would of been my life. I recently used your discs to practice on a cake and the icing is so smooth and uniform than I must of looked at an un decorated cake for about 30 minutes, admiring the icing. Thank you CakeSafe I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT, and I will continue to order your products. I am making a birthday cake for my mom's 80th birthday next month and plan on posting a picture.

  • My wife purchased a Cake Safe for her custom cake business several months ago and it revolutionized her business. Awesome invention! As her delivery source, I rest much easier knowing that the cake is very secure, plus it's a snap to unload without wasting construction time at the event site.Thank you so much,Ronald White

  • Thank you so much Scott and Juli!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your donating the airbrush booths for my new show, and the clean up after production is soooo much easier.

    You guys are the best! Thank you thank you!! Best, Ashley


    Watch Ashley Vicos on her new TV show “Have Cake Will Travel” on the Food Network. Premiers April 26th at 9:00. CakeSafe has provided the Air Brush Booth for Ashley.

  • Scott, Your new sugar boxes are working out great for my classes!!

  • Prior to the event of a “Live” Cake Competition, both the Catering Director and I were a bit concerned since we knew that the Competitors were going to use an airbrush. The venue decor is plush tapestry drapery, floor-to- ceiling Mahogany walls, fine art and moreover, the room was going to be filled with 120 guests dressed in elegant "haute couture" within close range. I immediately called Scott and Juli and asked them to send out a Spraybooth. As Emcee of the event, I dressed just to assure all...I stepped up to the Competitor in my elegant ivory dress....and without any trial run or hesitation, I had the Competitor spray RED food dye directly at me... Risky yes...BUT OF COURSE all the red food dye and fumes were instantly vacuumed by the filtering system... The thought of sending Scott and Juli my dry cleaning bill never entered my mind. The product works...and works really well! Thank you Scott and Juli. Michelle Bommarito

  • Hi Scott & Juli, I got to use my box today for a wedding and it worked like a charm! I received it last week and have been so swamped that I didn't get a chance to unpack it until today. It concerned me to wait until the last minute to unpack it because I didn't know how long it would take to get the hang of it before walking out the door to deliver a wedding cake. It was a snap! My husband was truly impressed with the construction, simplicity, and the overall engineering. You both thought of everything! It addresses keeping the cake cool as well as, protecting it from the outside elements. We have heavy pollen here. We had to break suddenly a few times, then travel about a mile on a bumpy gravely road.....the cake was rock solid! When I got to the venue it was a snap to disassemble, repatch the tiny hole and we were done. It also looks so professional showing up with the cake in this state-of-the-art box! Thank you both for sharing this blessing with the public! Cenora White Cake Panache