CakeSafe Testimonials

  • Vanilla and the Bean's best purchase so far is the CakeSafe delivery box.

    "Best purchase by far. So glad we found you! We made it there sideways at one point, but in one piece!"

    - Vanilla and the Bean

  • Angie and her husband love the CakeSafe Airbrush Spray Booth

    "I love the booth..... this is actually me and the hubby celebrating over that spray booth x lol x. 6 deep tiers all sprayed on full blast metallic black."

    - Angie Harris

  • The CakeSafe is worth the money!

    "The best cake delivery box of all. It is worth the money! Everybody loves it and says it's clever. It is also a life saver. Thanks CakeSafe for inventing this."

    - Van Thuy Le

  • David iced his cake with Acrylic Disks and delivered it in a CakeSafe

    "Beautiful silver and mauve creation, made with acrylic discs and delivered in a tall CakeSafe"

    - David, Cake Studio

  • Simplistic Bakehouse says their CakeSafe Airbrush Spray Booth is a game changer.

    "The wedding cake that started it all. First wedding cake of my first wedding season in my first year of business and the first I'd airbrushed, which turned out to be a disaster. Every inch of my kitchen was covered in royal blue! Thank you CakeSafe for the invention of your airbrush spray booth. #gamechanger"

    - Simplistic Bakehouse

  • The CakeSafe is Sprinkle Confections best investment to date.

    "My new CakeSafe made its maiden voyage this weekend, holding this pretty white and gold 3-tier wedding cake all the way down to Novelty, MO (from southern Iowa). After driving on all the roller coaster hills and tight curves, I've decided this is my best investment to date. I was definitely nervous having to shove a metal rod down my beautiful creation to lock it in place, but after some deep breaths and a lot of hesitation I finally took the plunge and it was well worth it. Used the amazing CakeSafe acrylic rounds to get these amazing sharp and straight edges. Love those things!"

    - Erica, Sprinkle Confections

  • Cake delivery is no longer a problem for Aloha Love Sweets.

    "I've got 99 problems, but cake delivery ain't one!.... thanks to CakeSafe I no longer dread cake delivery! By far my favorite purchase from SoFlo Bakery Expo this year! Thank you Rachel & Juli for walking me through the process. If anyone out there is on the fence, GET IT! Who knew I could have a total crush on an acrylic box. Also I'm finding I'm saving quite a bit of money on the boxes I was originally using to transport cakes that were ultimately just thrown away by the client. I call that a win win!"

    - Jenna, Aloha Love Sweets

  • CakeSafe's acrylic disks saved Ashli so much time in getting her iced edges just right.

    "Good evening! I received my acrylic discs in the mail the other day. I cannot thank you enough for the prompt delivery. They saved me so much time getting my edges just right on my wedding cakes this weekend. Thank you again! Sincerely, Ashli Wood with Poplar + Pine Select Cakes."

  • Unpaved roads and mountain top venues are no match for the CakeSafe and CupCakeSafe

    "I absolutely LOVE [the cupcakesafe and cakesafe]. These made a 48 mile trip up a mountain and then on a semi-paved road into a vineyard. All in perfect condition! Can't say enough good things about my CakeSafes. Thank you so much."

    - Kimm, Go Girl Bakery

  • 96 degree heat doesn't impact Melissa's cake deliveries. She uses a CakeSafe transportation box.

    "Both delivered on a 96 degree day.. they each traveled 40 and 60 minutes in my life saving CakeSafe box and arrived perfect!"

    - Melissa's Simply Sweet