CakeSafe Testimonials

  • No stress cake deliery.

    "About this weekend. Another stress-free delivery with my CakeSafe. Guys, this product is not only awesome, but seriously worth every penny. I drove with this cake only 35 minutes, but I've got to tell you before I had my CakeSafe I would be scared to drive with any cake anywhere at all. Now it is definitely something I can do! And it is so simple to put together! There are just so many amazing things to say about it. It's just amazing. This specific one is the CakeSafe Small Extra Tall."

    - Sugarplum Delicacy

  • "This is my second time purchasing the CakeSafe Acrylic Disks. They are my favorite. I always recommend them to everyone I know at my local cake supply store... So easy to use and gives me the best sharp straight edges."

    - E & A Cakeries

  • Acrylic Disks for smooth icing.

    "Your Acrylic Disks are so easy and save a TON of time! I'm in a cake crunch today and have 10 cakes to put together, so you guys saved me!"

    - Mama Bear's Little Bake Shop

  • How to transport a large cake?

    "This beautiful cake was delivered safely thanks to our CakeSafe. This amazing invention makes transporting & delivering massive cakes like this a breeze."

    - Two Sisters Cafe & Catering

  • CakeSafe box for delivering cakes.

    "We LOVE our two CakeSafes! We live in the country with LOTS of bumpy dirt roads and pastures. This has changed our cake game!"

    - Farmhouse Cakes & Confections

  • Acrylic Disks for sharp icing on cakes easily.

    "Why did it take me this long to invest in CakeSafe Acrylic Disks? They are amazing! Made it such a breeze to ice!"

    - Heather, Sagebrush Sweets Home Bakery

  • CakeSafe brand cake comb review

    "I love the finish on this cake using the Raven Cake Comb from CakeSafe. I've learned the cake must be very cold to get a clean surface! It worked like a charm! Thank you CakeSafe for the recent tutorial!!"

    - Michelle, Hill's Kitchen Co.

  • CakeSafe Transport box for mountain deliveries.

    "The CakeSafe went out on her maiden voyage today! A stress free ride over Kebler Pass. It was such a game changer. I don't know what took me so long to buy. It is the answer to the dirt roads and mountain passes of Western Colorado for sure!"

    - Hannah, Blue Sky Baking Company

  • CakeSafe Acrylic Disks for easy frosting.

    "The Mickie Cake Comb made another appearance!! Your cake combs take my cake artistry to a complete new dimension! Thank you!! And I just got 2 sets of your acrylic disks - complete GAME CHANGER! OMG! So easy! So Smooth!!"

    - Sweet Stuff By Fresh Dish

  • Sharp icing edges with CakeSafe Acrylic Disks

    "YOU GUYS! I am sooooooo happy with this cake. Thanks to CakeSafe I got SUPER sharp edges."

    - Kennedy's Confections