CakeSafe Testimonials

  • The CakeSafe box keeps tiered cakes cool and protected.

    "Thanks to CakeSafe for the successful delivery in 100 degree heat!"

    - Dessert Designs By Gisela

  • The fastest way to ice a cake.

    "I've been using cakesafe acrylic disks to decorate my cake and it has been a game changer..... I can work faster and achieved sharp edges on buttercream, I was never able to make my buttercream cakes look so smooth with straight sharp edges like this.... Cakesafe acrylic disks has changed the way i decorate my cake .....worth the money spent and then some."

    - Carline Starromand

  • How to transport a cake?

    "So exicted to finally put our cakesafe to use this past weekend! Setup was a breeze and traveled very well which says a lot given the streets of NYC. #moneywellspent #aintnodeliverylikeacakesafedelivery"

    - Crazy4Sweets

  • What's the best cake transporter?

    "This cake traveled almost 200 miles the heart of Summer. Our prayer to the cake Gods were answered when we pulled in and saw that it was perfect!!! Thank you CakeSafe!!"

    - Crumbcoat Confections

  • "I used to transport my babies in a cardboard box, which is fine for single tiers, but it made me so nervous for the big ones. I would be an anxiety ridden mess for every delivery. NOT ANYMORE! I took the plunge and purchased a CakeSafe and now I don't worry at all about my cakes. They arrive safely no matter how many pot holes I drive over or sharp turns I make! I'm in love and will be forever grateful for this amazing cake invention! Thank God for CakeSafe!!!"

    - Natalie DeHaven Cakes

  • How to ice a cake smoothly?

    "Loving the smooth sides on these 2 tiers all thanks to CakeSafe acrylics. They make decorating a breeze."

    - Aimee, Baking with Aimee

  • How to keep cakes cold when transporting.

    "I was SO nervous that I would do something wrong and ruin my cake but it was a breeze. I was able to drive confidently, the cake was still chilled and the center rod came out so easily with gentle twisting!"

    - Barb, The Noble Cakery

  • How to drive with a tiered cake?

    "The CakeSafe has radically changed our delivery process, cutting out the stress and white-knuckle driving! It was honestly the best investment we've made for deliveries thus far, and top 3 for the business in general! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!"

    - Leah, The Mix Baking Co.

  • The easiest way to get sharp iced corners.

    "Finally, i have the CakeSafe cake disks at my fingertips! Sharp corners/edges have always been a struggle for me. CakeSafe made it a breeze! I don't know why i waited so long to purchase these! I will definitely be adding various sizes to my collection."

    - Dani, A Taste of Things Sweet

  • How to get sharp edges on cake icing.

    "CakeSafe acrylics make my life happy."

    - Kate, Stacked