CakeSafe Testimonials

  • "Your Icing Scraper is the absolute best thing EVER! It's the one tool I'm overprotective of, lke no one else can even wash it. LOL"

    - Tabitha Mayo

  • I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!

    "Here’s one of my most recent cakes!  I could not have done it without my acrylic disks!  Just placed my 8th CakeSafe order!  Love supporting a business that is so customer oriented and has such integrity!  I wanted to say, again, how much I love and support CakeSafe.  Your products are fabulous, your customer service second to none, and the value outstanding!"

    - Jennifer Kokesh

  • How to deliver a 3 tier cake?

    "This is what we deliver all our cakes in! We could never deliver without it... That's why this past wedding season we upgraded to a larger size. The first holds 2-3 tier cakes, but we found ourselves with more 4-6 tier wedding cake clients. Love our CakeSafes."

    - Next Dimension Bakery

  • How to deliver a tiered cake?

    "This cake has been around the block... in a CakeSafe. I recently purchased a CakeSafe and this was the first cake I used it with! I'm happy to say that even after many speed bumps, tilting the cake 45 degrees, and Bob's wreckless driving (jk about that part), the cake was 100% safe! I love this cake and I love my CakeSafe."

    - Mijji Cakes 

  • How to get smooth icing on my cake?

    "I got my CakeSafe acrylic disks and scraper today and the difference in smoothness of my cakes is amazing."

    - Sweet V Cakes

  • "Your CakeSafe has CHANGED my life, and improved my marriage. My husband comes on 98% of my deliveries. And he has NO STRESS when we have the CakeSafe. THANK YOU FOR CREATING A PRODUCT THAT CHANGED MY WORLD!"

    - Melissa Kelly-Hill

  • How to deliver a cake?

    "Does your heart clench when you do cake deliveries? Mine used to, until I got the CakeSafe! Although, I have to admit, I hold my breath whenever I plunge the center dowel into the cake. But it hasn't let me down yet! Delivered this cake on the weekend in my trusty CakeSafe!"

    - Mel, It's Made by Mel

  • Cake Disks for Smooth Icing

    "CakeSafe, thank you for those acrylic disks that gave me the clean edges!!!"

    - Monica, Dolce by Monica Camarillo

  • Who sells the best cake disks? CakeSafe!

    "Acrylic disks by CakeSafe are the bomb."

    - GIna, The Dream Cake

  • Best way to move a cake?

    "I absolutely love my CakeSafe! Every time I arrive at a venue pepole are so impressed."

    - Manon Villeneuve